Amanda Marcum Enfield Naked Pictures – Florida Gulf Coast Coach’s Wife

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It must be awesome to be Andy Enfield right now. Not only did he coach Florida Gulf Coast to an upset win over Georgetown in 2013 March Madness, he goes home to a supermodel wife. Amanda Marcum Enfield is Andy Enfield’s wife but you probably know her from being on the cover of Maxim, Vogue, Elle and countless other publications.

Check out the 7 Amanda Marcum Enfield nude photos below.

Florida Gulf Coast is definitely the Cinderella team of March Madness 2013. They have the hot wife. They have the upset win. Oh, and they had this amazing Chase Fielder dunk. They truly have it all.

A couple more wins and this will become America’s team.

Here are the 7 naked pictures of Amanda Marcum Enfield. Be sure to hit “Next” to see all the nude photos!

Amanda Marcum Enfield Naked Pictures

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