Bianca Wilfork Pictures – Vince Wilfork’s Wife

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Bianca Wilfork was in the news today because she got called ugly by Ted Johnson, a former linebacker for the New England Patriots. Bianca Wilfork is the wife of Vince Wilfork, currently of the New England Patriots. Ted Johnson’s dropped the ugly card after being asked which ex-teammate had the ugliest wife.

Check out the 11 Bianca Wilfork pictures below.

Personally, I think Bianca Wilfork is a good looking woman. And I’m not just saying that just because Vince Wilfork could murder me with one arm tied behind his back. Bianca Wilfork has a pretty face, nice curves and a good all-around body.

I’m not sure what Ted Johnson was looking at. Perhaps he’s been around too many gold diggers and fake groupies. Bianca Wilfork is what a real, sexy wife looks like.

Here are the 11 Bianca Wilfork pictures. Be sure to click “Next” to see all the photos of Vince Wilfork’s wife.

Bianca Wilfork Pictures

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