Is Marshall Henderson Crazy? 11 Crazy Animated GIFs of Ole Miss Star

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As we’ve said repeatedly this year, EveryJoe loves Marshall Henderson. Sure, he might be a crazy white boy but he’s an entertaining crazy white boy. He’s the biggest showboat, trash talker, fan agitator and competitor in college basketball — and we love all of that. We hope Marshall Henderson of Ole Miss keeps on doing what he’s doing.

Check out the 11 crazy Marshall Henderson animated GIFs below!

Ole Miss was able to escape the first round of March Madness 2013. Marshall Henderson was horrible in the first half but he kept competing and helped him team greatly in the second half. Even LeBron James was impressed: “Man that dude Henderson from Ol Miss got the greenest light in basketball history!! Hahaha.”

Marshall Henderson’s Twitter response was classic: “I SUCK AND GET A LEBRON TWEET!!! HAHAHAHA I DONT WANNA HEAR NOBODY SAY NOTHIN, IVE MADE IT!!!”

Today, he’s going to be interviewed by Charles Barkley. If he keeps it up, Marshall Henderson could take the basketball world by storm. We surely hope he does.

Here are the 11 Marshall Henderson crazy GIFs:

Marshall Henderson Crazy Animated GIF

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