Jeff Schwartz Pictures – Justin Bieber Neighbor Spitting Victim

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We now know the Justin Bieber neighbor he allegedly spit on. Jeff Schwartz is his name — and you can see 12 Jeff Schwartz pictures below! He says Justin Bieber spit in his face after he confronted the pop singer about driving too fast.

Bieber’s neighbor spit victim AKA Jeff Schwartz is a very successful man. In his late 40s, he’s a millionaire several times over after striking it rich with car-related websites on the internet.

Since Jeff Schwartz is a car expect, I trust his opinion that Justin Bieber was driving too fast. And considering the brat’s recent behavior, I believe that Justin Bieber spit on Jeff Schwartz. Do you? Let us know in the comment section below.

Here are the Justin Bieber neighbor spit victim Jeff Schwartz pictures. Click “Next” to see all 12 photos!

Jeff Schwartz Pictures

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  • honest abe

    I really admire Jeff for being honest and not being afraid of a 15 minute fame kid that needs his ass wooped. Jeff is a classy guy, good looking, and very successful. Beiber brat is a one hit wonder, immature, wanta be Jeff who needs to hang out with the mayor of Toronto and get out of the country.
    As the other immature kid bands say “BYE BYE BYE”!!!

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