The Spitting Image: So Who Is This Guy?

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    Jeff Schwartz has been identified as the Justin Bieber neighbor who got spit on — allegedly, of course. Jeff Schwartz claims he went over to Justin Bieber’s house to tell him to slow down in his Ferrari because he was endangering kids and animals in the neighborhood. Justin Bieber allegedly didn’t like being confronted and spit in Jeff Schwartz’s face.

    Check out the 8 Jeff Schwartz photos below!

    After the incident, Jeff Schwartz filed battery charges against Justin Bieber. Police are currently looking into the matter. If other witnesses emerge — and that’s a current rumor — the lil’ pop star could be in trouble with the law.

    So, who is Jeff Schwartz? He is an online auto mogul who is responsible for many of the most recognizable auto-related brands on the internet. A few brands that he’s responsible for include Autobytel, Autoweb and Suresale.

    One thing that really helps his credibility in the Justin Bieber spitting battery case is that he has been able to build his fortune (he’s worth, by some estimates, hundreds of millions of dollars) by building websites and companies that specialize in transparency, truth and trust.

    Here are the 9 Jeff Schwartz photos:

    Jeff Schwartz Photos

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    Pictures of Jeff Schwartz - Justin Bieber neighbor


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      • Brandon

        Was wondering who he was. Thanks

      • S. …dorf

        Jeffrey!!!! I have not seen you in too many years! Funny to find you here. Just do it like the old days, Warrior style……knock him out! S. “dorf”

      • Bruwer

        Not saying Bieber is an innocent choir boy, but this Jeff Schwartz just looks like too good to be true “specialize in transparency, truth and trust” – somehow by look his photo it make me feel he is no different from Bernie” Madoff, he could be one those ACHIEVERS on CNBC “American Greedy”

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