Pictures: Shain Gandee Dead – Star on MTV’s “Buckwild”

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Shain Gandee, a star on the MTV television show “Buckwild”, has died. He was found deceased in a vehicle. He was only 21 years old. Check below for the Shain Gandee dies pictures.

After being reported missing, Shain Gandee’s body was found in an abandoned vehicle less than a day and a half later. Police aren’t saying how he died or even if foul play is suspected. We’ll keep you updated.

Shain Gandee Dies Pictures

Shain Gandee Dies Pictures

The last people heard from Shain Gandee, he told people he was going four-wheeling.

Two other people were found dead with Shain Gandee. Those people haven’t been identified yet.

Here are 7 more Shain Gandee death photos. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all 7 pics.

Shain Gandee Dead Pictures

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  • cheyanne boles

    aww he died he was so cut and funny I loves him so much

  • angel oliver

    I am sorry for he id dead I wish his family for the best

  • cheyanne boles

    i am so sorry shane i watch your show ever night i relly think you are cute you sweet nice and got a good personality i wish i could meet you in person i think you would be cool to hang out with and i love them country boys they are fun <3 R.I.P shane

  • Gawd314144

    There are no pictures of Shain Gandee dead- only pictures from when he was alive. Stop with the overly dramatic headlines and cover the tragedy like it is!

  • Jonathan Charles Gee

    Hank Williams Jr. was wrong. I guess country folks can’t survive.

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