9 Earvin Johnson III Pictures – Magic Johnson’s Gay Son

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Earvin Johnson III is Magic Johnson’s son. Earvin Johnson III is also gay. We were able to figure that out when he was photographed on Sunset Strip holding hands with his boyfriend. Check out the 9 Earvin Johnson III pictures below.

Magic Johnson’s son is getting a lot of support from his parents. His dad says that he backs his son in all areas of his life. That is great to hear!

In today’s world, this shouldn’t be huge news. But it is. We haven’t quite reach the point where something like this doesn’t cause a ripple.

Here are the 9 Earvin Johnson III photos, Magic Johnson’s gay son:

Earvin Johnson III Pictures

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  • Lovely_SimSim

    Okay… And? Lol… He’s been “out” for awhile now and it’s kind of weird to keep calling him “Magic Johnson’s gay son”. He’s always been just Earvin the III.

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