Remi Alfalah Pictures – Dating Prince Michael Jackson?

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    A rumor is circulating that Prince Michael Jackson is dating Remi Alfalah. To make the story even better, she’s literally a princess. So Prince Michael Jackson is dating Princess Remi Alfalah. Perfect!

    Check out the 5 Remi Alfalah pictures below.

    Not much is known about Remi Alfalah other than she is from Kuwait. If she’s a princess in that oil rich country, we can safely assume her family is very, very rich.

    Remi Alfalah and Prince Jackson were seen bowling in California — which is a surprisingly normal activity for this royal teenage couple.

    Here are the 5 Remi Alfalah pictures. Be sure to click “Next” to see all the pics!

    Remi Alfalah Pictures

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      • AK

        She is not a princess. I am from kuwait and the family name “Al Falah” are not princes/princesses in any way, shape, or form.

        • msmanners

          You people make me sick, what bunch of f…ing morons with money.

          Here is what is said about your precious country woman.
          Additionally, any woman who agrees to marry one of you becomes a Sheikha, what a degradation to the title.

          According to Remi´s royal
          roots, her family tree ranks at number 13 in the world’s richest

          Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah of Kuwait, he is 79 years old and
          has a net worth of £268 million. The Sheikh’s wealth is based on a stipend,
          unlike royals in many other Gulf states.

          Most members of the Al-Sabah house
          receive a pension for life, they are constitutionally protected from public
          criticism, and with a net worth of between 100 and 200 billion dollars, they
          remain much more powerful than most other royal families in the world. This
          means that they share a common interest in preserving the current system. Among
          the Al Sabah, the main art collectors are Sheikh Nasser and his wife Sheikha
          Hussah, the founders of the Dar al Athar
          al Islamiyya, and Sheikha Paula and her daughters, notably Sheikha Lulu who
          runs JAMM consultancy.

          Jamm Consultancy was set up by Sheikha Lulu Al Sabah and
          Lydia Limerick in 2010. Both of them worked for years at Christie’s in London
          before deciding to set up their own art consultancy, whose main aim is to
          introduce Middle Eastern artists in the Western art market and Western artists
          in the Gulf art market.

        • me12

          So is she or is she not a princess?

        • Lulu Rocka

          No, she’s not. Unless her last name is Al-Sabah (which it isn’t), she is not a princess.

      • jc

        first picture I was like “oh. um… shes… um? cute? err… idk. I’m sure she’ll grow into her face someday” >.<" and then the second pic i was like, ow she's cute, ok then… few! but that first pic was ug'Galy! eek!

      • Sara

        She isn’t a princess. AlSabah are the only royal family we have in Kuwait!

        • menahil abas

          r you from in kuwait

      • medic57

        Hey, lighten up people, she’s a cutie and a boy took her bowling, teenagers do that. I’s a good first date.

      • Expat in Kuwait

        Yes, Remi is a Princess. Al-Falah is a typo and should read Al-Sabah.

      • menahil abas

        me too i m from kuwait its not princess of kuwait its ok al falah this it

      • Simba Thinkus

        Not all mebers f a royal family share the name, who is her father, cool that they let her go and study, let her feel like a real woman b4 they get her bak to kuwait and under islamic anti woman laws

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