Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape is Fake

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Farrah Abraham is desperate to be famous. She’s so desperate that she’s even willing to do porn. The chick from “Teen Mom” fame is trying to pull off the most orchestrated, contrived sex tape in the history of celebrity sex tapes. It’s actually quite pathetic.

Farrah Abraham sex tape timeline

Farrah Abraham sex tape timeline

Take a look at this Farrah Abraham sex tape timeline:

1. Last week she agreed to release a Farrah Abraham porn video.

2. On Friday, she went to get tested for STDs — as is required in the porn industry.

3. On Sunday, the tests came back clean.

4. Later on Sunday, she shoots her supposed sex tape with James Deen — a male porn star.

5. On Monday morning, the 30-minute video is shopped around to various outlets.

6. A couple minutes later, Farrah Abraham goes “lingerie shopping” and just so happens to bump into paparazzi.

7. She denies the existence of the sex tape and then threatens to sue if anyone releases the sex tape.

8. She’s then photographed holding hands with James Deen.

9. He explains that they did aren’t boyfriend and girlfriend — just porn partners.

10. She’s pictured out on the beach in her bikini — again “accidentally” running into paparazzi.

There is so much wrong with this Farrah Abraham sex tape story I don’t even know where to begin. First of all, she’s not a celebrity. Secondly, there’s a big difference between a leaked amateur sex tape and a porn video. Third, if you are going to do all this B.S., at least try to not make it so obviously fake.

Out of principal, I won’t be watching this Farrah Abraham porn video.

Screw you, Farrah, for trying to fool us.


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