Alexandra Raisman Sexy Pictures – The DWTS Favorite!

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Alexandra Raisman is steaming up the screen with her performances on Dancing with the Stars. Not only does she look sexy, she’s blowing away the judges. But, honestly, should her dominance be a surprise? She’s sexy and she’s a gold medal winning Olympic gymnast — she should be the favorite on DWTS!

Check out the 49 sexy Alexandra Raisman pictures below!

Also known as Aly Raisman, this won’t be the last time we hear from her. After DWTS, she’s going to go on and do something big. She’s too talented to disappear from the limelight.

However, if she wants to crossover into Hollywood, she’ll probably have to shed her overly wholesome image. In fact, there’s talk in the industry that we may see Aly Raisman naked pictures soon or that she may land herself a celebrity boyfriend. I’m hoping for the former — I’d love to see that sexy body nude!

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Alexandra Raisman Sexy Pictures

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