We Failed Rehtaeh Parsons

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The Rehtaeh Parsons story is simply tragic. A 17-year-old girl in Canada never mentally recovered from a rape and subsequent bullying — so she decided to commit suicide by hanging herself. So sad.

Check out the 9 Rehtaeh Parsons picture below to see the beautiful angel.

Rehtaeh Parsons was raped back in 2011. One of the four boys who raped her took a picture of the incident. Somehow the Rehtaeh Parsons rape photo circulated around town. So not only did she have to deal with getting raped, she had to deal with bullying due to the rape picture.

The four boys who raped Rehtaeh Parsons got off without any charge. The police in Canada claim they didn’t find enough evidence to charge the boys.

As a society, we have to do better than this. No one deserves to be raped and then laughed at about it. R.I.P.

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  • darren

    WE failed????

    nope don’t you drag i or others in to the troubles of the police let me explain

  • darren

    now i am in canada – and have intament knowledge of the police forces in canada- not a expert but well over 15 years with this.

    now we have a girl that was alleged sexual assaulted- that filed reports to this affect- and was harassment as a result of the claims.

    so the person involved where as follows

    the attackers of the sex crimes– it is not a question of FAILURE by this – they had no intentions to helping out Rehtaeh in any way shape or form

    Rehtaeh parents- from what i have informed of- the parents where helping with the reports of sexual assault- the helping in protecting and shielding the daughter from harassment- movements of the daughter to different locations- and all things in relation to ((tring to get the police to do one simple thing——— THERE JOBS))– so i am not see a failure on the part of the parents or family members of Rehtaeh.

    and the last partied involved in this is the police forces in the provenience of nova scotia

    now a report was filed and a investigation was being done (so the police claim) now when i investigate my attention is focused on the victims- the suspects- and the details around the claim— all right a picture of the girl was posted with the suspects (victim—-suspects- and crimes scene all on one picture) the part is she was under the age of 18- so that is a crime of posting child pron (which is a crime) now the police claimed they where investigation the sexual assault — yet did not lay criminal charges of posting or possession of child porn????—-i thought the police claimed they where DOING THERE JOBS?? and if the police claim they had no idea that the child porn was posted- keep reading with the criminal harassment (better known as stalking offenses)

    now with my experience with sex crimes (yea i know teen age boys are perverted in sexual thoughts and actions) cause of the bio-chemical imbalances brought on from puberity- the mind of a teenage boy is similar to type 1 bi-polar- cause of the high and lows- the racy thoughts- the mental retardation in the higher brain functions and so on—-and so on—- ((and with sex crimes investigation you look for MOTIVE)) did i not just say that the suspects are mentally unbalanced- committing pervert sexual acts (with out for thought or thinking in longitude) sort of short sited(like they are having a hard time holding a thought or carrying throw on the thought (mental retardation??)

    so posting pictures of child pron- could HELP IN ESTABLISHING—–MOTIVE.

    ONCE AGAIN the police are at the center of focus..

    rehtaeh was harassed for a period of years all right stalking offenses in canada are as follows —- to repeatedly communicate in a threaten manor (Rahtaeh move to different locations and schools—to ESCAPE–)) yup looks like she was acting accordingly to be in a hostile or threatening environment—- yet criminal charges where NOT LAID??? i thought the police where doing there JOBS??? NOPE- THE POLICE FAILED ONCE AGAIN.

    now when ever things like this happen the political leaders say that canada has to pass new laws to deal with the (BULLYING TOPIC)) 80% of the political leaders are trained in laws and they all know criminal harassment crimes- so the political leaders are SIDE STEPPING— to protect the police—-cause the police are NOT AT FAULT—–we need new laws?? the political leaders all know the problem is the police and that canada does not need new laws——canada needs new LAW ENFORCEMENT ENFORCERS.

    i was watching the news and prime minster Harper was on this one —–and i know harper- i see this as one more nail in the coffin of the police- Prime minister Harper is a conservative member- and i deal with political matters alot- and i can tell you the conservatives and other members of Parliament are ((SICK AND TIRED——-of the joke police forces)) canada does not need new laws—–canada needs a new police forces- so one more nail in the coffin of the police forces.

    as i said i can go on this one for hours so i will end with this last one—– once this suicide of Rehtaeh made the news and become public (the WHOLE COUNTRY) now the R.C.M.P. came out and where talking on the news about new information- and evidence has come to the attention of the police—

    so evidence has MAGICAL appeared
    so new witnesses and MAGICAL appeared
    new leads have MAGICAL appeared

    on first glance- i don’t believe in magic- but it is nice to see that the police are hard at work collecting information and evidence on this—–HEY WAIT A MINUTE—- did i not just say that the police DID NOT follow up on the sexual assault investigation – the police DID NOT follow up on the child porn investigations- and the police DID NOT follow up on the threatening actions of stalkers ——- and now that this is PLASTIED all over the news- all this evidence and information (MAGICAL APPERAED OUT OF NO WHERE)

    as the police start to hop around whining—see—see—see we are doing our jobs—-yelling a screaming to draw attention——– why are the police acting like this——— it looks like the police are drawing attention to themselves and claiming the police are ((DOING THERE JOBS))

    this MAGICAL information and evidence showed up at JUST THE RIGHT TIME

    COVER UP—————

    so to the title WE failed rehtaeh—- please bitch i had noting to do with that and if you look at the facts from the last couple of years you see that the persons that failed was ((((THE POLICE))) WE FAILED??? NOPE——THE POLICE FAILED——- oooo i am sorry that is right there is MAGICAL evidence that just came to light—- the police are doing there jobs and are not a failure

  • Marty

    No woman asks to be raped. I guarantee she never said the words “rape me. And even though a woman is drunk or unconscious, wearing tight clothes, out late or alone, or any other flimsy excuse men make, NOTHING ELSE passes for expressly giving permission for sex. She was taken by force without her saying yes. That’s why it’s rape. Period. End of story.

    • Keyser Soze

      She wasnt “taken by force”, she had sex while underage and intoxicated (the boy was also underage and intoxicated). That doesnt mean it wasnt legally rape, but sex without legal consent and being “taken by force” are two separate things. For example, if you have sex with an underage girl who says yes and even initiates sex, it is still legally considered rape.

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