Is LeBron James on HGH or Steroids? PEDs Controversy Afoot

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He’s either as fast as Tony Parker, as strong as Karl Malone and jumps as high as Vince Carter or he’s on steroids, HGH or other form of PEDs — you decide.

lebron james steroidsFolks, we have LeBron James shoved down our throats every day of the season — and, granted, he is a damn stellar player — but given everything I’ve seen in the crooked world of sports, I can’t buy a 6-foot-8-plus guy being this much of an athletic freak.

NBA commissioner David Stern, in all of his fascist dictatorship glory, asserts that basketball players have no reason to take performance enhancing drugs and shouts down all opposing views.

“It’s not a problem at the present time,” Stern is on record of saying about a possible steroids problem.

First of all, shut the hell up, Stern. Like anybody can believe what you say with that crooked 1985 fixed draft lottery video floating around. (By the way, that’s the one video of like 14 million NBA videos that Stern keeps trying to remove from YouTube … but it keeps resurfacing — tee hee.)

But second of all, Stern’s asinine stance translates to indicating that he doesn’t know why basketball players would want to be bigger, stronger, faster and recover quicker from injury. If that doesn’t raise numerous red flags right there, we might as well just shut the internet down. Hey Stern, you just showed everybody at the table your hand — and we can see you’re lying your ass off.

Of course NBA basketball players want and take PEDs. The question is how many and how rampant is the use. It’s the next sports PEDs scandal if Stern and his cronies ever lose their footing or if a brave journalist sniffs around in the right places. That is, unless you believe PEDs usage is limited to just Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis (insert roll eyes here).

But back to LeBron James, the man is awfully suspect. I mean, come on, are we to believe that after all these years, a super human has evolved with a near flawless basketball body and athleticism to spare? Is he that one in a trillion human who makes even the super athletes of the NBA look like high school kids?

If that’s what you’re selling, I ain’t buying. Don’t be deceived by television, LeBron is one mammoth SOB. He stands nearly 6-foot-9 with 265 pounds (at least) of lean beef packing his muscular frame — and has all the coordination and agility of a 6-foot-2 guard.

If he’s all natural, I’m going to buy out Lids and tip all their New Era caps towards him in a show of respect. If he’s fake, then he was going to be damn good anyways but he has been able to turn himself into a the ultimate freak of nature on his way to epic-legend-master status. Plus, he’s steadily closing in on amassing a billion dollars — which has long been a stated goal of his.

Oh, and as far as LeBron’s jaw, I don’t know. I’m not one of those guys walking around with a suitcase full of LeBron James photos for every year of his career. He does have a damn big jaw but I haven’t noticed anything like Dwayne Wade’s new chipmunk cheeks and huge jawline.

Same goes for the receding hairline. Yeah, his hair looks like locusts have swarmed down on his head but it’s called male pattern baldness — it doesn’t mean he juices or takes HGH. It can be a symptom but making a direct correlation between hair loss and PEDs use is like saying hot girls wear bikinis so every girl that wears a bikini is hot.

Anyways, LeBron’s a near flawless basketball specimen. If he didn’t suffer from a bit of Tin Man syndrome and had a left hand drive to go with a consistent standstill jumper, he’d probably average 40 points, 12 rebounds, 12 assists and 3 blocks per game.

So does LeBron take steroids, HGH or some other form of PEDs? Leave your comment below — just don’t say something stupid like there is absolutely no way. If you’re one of those former Lance Armstrong sheep, get your Rick Reilly ass out of here.

Does LeBron James take HGH?

Does LeBron James take HGH?

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Jack Maclin never pulls punches when covering sports. Follow Jack @jackmaclin

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  • Spidertical1

    You should just rename this article The Many Reasons Why I Hate Lebron because this was not an article on Hgh. It was a diatribe about how much disdain you have for the man. Your contempt for the man was apparent after I read the words “Folks, we have LeBron James shoved down our throats every day of the season”

    Jeez, what ever happened to journalistic integrity.

    • LoyalRoyalFan

      He is not a journalist. Anybody can spew their opinion over the net. Doing so does not make one a journalist. Therefore he does not have to worry about integrity or facts in his article.

    • God

      He posted his opinion and is asking everyone else what they think. All the cardio makes it very suspicious to maintain so much bulk. Remember the skinny kid, Jordan? Then during one off-season came back all bulked up with a bald head? Same thing, Jordan took PEDs

      A good 70% of the league are using them also. Anyone that thinks nobody does it has their head up their ass.

    • God

      He posted his opinion and is asking everyone else what they think. All the cardio makes it very suspicious to maintain so much bulk. Remember the skinny kid, Jordan? Then during one off-season came back all bulked up with a bald head? Same thing, Jordan took PEDs

      A good 70% of the league are using them also. Anyone that thinks nobody does it has their head up their ass.

  • Joe

    Certainly possible.

  • jab

    Wriiten by someone with a grudge. No research. Mere yellow journalism. Libel in the nth degree. If Lebron wrote an essay stating that Jack Maclin was an obvious serial killer because he has no conscience based on this article, he would be as close to the truth as the author. I’ve watched James since he was a freshman in HS he was always a superior athlete, his body is a natural progression of the what he was as a freshman. Check out B

    • witnesstoFRAUD

      No research, very true. This article was piss poor. However, the evidence is there. Do the research. It sucks, I know. When I realized that so many of my childhood heroes were juiced up it was tough to fathom. But its the truth and you owe it to yourself. Do your own research and get some experience with professional athletes. Lebron is DEFINITELY juicing.

  • jab

    continues –check out the documentary on bo Jackson sometime…a very small number of people have superior balance, eyesight, coordination, timing, power, and speed. bo Jackson and LeBron are the two publically known in the last 100 years

  • suspicious

    I’ve wondered for years. Never really been injured, either.

  • sayittomyface

    Unbelievable…He’s a straight hater. and by the way MF’in author..Karl Malone wasn’t slow and was no slouch in the agility arena either. Basically what i take from this article is that he’s to go0d to be true.. Get it right mf, this dude came straight out of high school…dam. as far as your lance armstrong ish goes, Lebron has both his nuts. I ain’t even gon touch the racial undertones i’ve noticed in the white community towards blacks. Barry Bonds got yall all twisted up. We, for the most part don’t need help in the athletic arena..duh.

    • witnesstoFRAUD

      Before you involve race take a step back and get some damn perspective. Not only is it insulting to everybody that is educated that you claim that your “people” don’t need help in the athletic arena, but you are blaming the obvious evidence of Lebron juicing on the white community. I could rattle off a list of black elite athletes that have got there because of juicing, as well as white, as well as any other race. Get a clue you moron

  • Robert Cleckley

    When lebron came into the league fresh out of highschool he was 6’8″ 240lbs, and every bit as quick fast coordinated and athletic as he is today. Granted he is 25- 35 lbs heavier than he was then, but its over the course of 10 years. At 28 he is just now peaking athletically as do most athletes. Im no lebron fan but i have no reason to be suspicious

  • oldjovian

    One thing that speaks to LeBron’s character is the issue of flopping. James sees absolutely nothing wrong with it and yet, there is a definite rule forbidding it—not that it’s regularly enforced or that the penalty is even a deterrent—$5000 fine, more for continued offences. Flopping is a form of cheating because you’re trying to deceive the referees to your advantage. It’s as if James’ attitude is that flopping i’s alright to do it as long as you don’t get caught.

    I could see such an attitude supporting someone in justifying the use of steroids. I don’t know if James uses steroids, only that he has exhibited an attitude that illustrates his willingness to push the rules whenever he can to his advantage.

    • witnesstoFRAUD

      Lebron is about the bottom line, yes. He does what it takes to put him in the best position possible. He did it by skipping college, leaving Cleveland, juicing, flopping. You name it. And I don’t blame him one bit. I respect that about him, he does what he needs to do for him and his family and friends. Be honest, nobody would give a shit about Lebron James if he wasn’t a gifted basketball player. He wasn’t even from Cleveland growing up…Did anybody give him tickets to Cleveland games growing up when he couldn’t afford them? Exactly. He would be just another statistic from Akron as he always points out. Look at his mother. Millions on the line, Lebron needs to make sure his body is ready every night. Even though he is a crybaby and flops, he still takes a pounding, as well as his joints taking a pounding. At the end of the day, Barry Bonds, Lance Armstrong, Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGuire, you name it… They are all living well off the millions they made in an ENTERTAINMENT industry. Give me a fucking break, Lance Armstrong was on a deathbed. Look what he did. Now the media wants to demonize him. He knows the sacrifice it takes to win. And sometimes its not pretty. The media has it twisted.

    • oldjovian

      Then the sports leagues should just make doping legal. Right now, the guys that are trying to play by the rules are apparently, “Just Stupid”

  • Rose city

    I have always suspected lenron of usings PEDs

    • oldjovian

      I’m starting to suspect more and more. Wade big time as well. Wade was on something in game four. You could see it in his eyes—he was pumped up with something and it wasn’t just his desire to win the game . . .

      No, I don’t know for sure that they are using. I’m not a hater, I don’t have a favorite NBA team—just watch the Finals and I’m just going with my gut feeling . . .

      Stern knows that he’s in the Entertainment business. The NBA isn’t primarily about all the teams following the set rules in order to produce the champion. Stern knows people want to be entertained, and he’s not about to lose any super-stars to drug or PED policy. The financial losses are too great . . .

  • witnesstoFRAUD

    YES. He was even involved in the BioGenesis scandal. NBA drug tests are shit. Twice a year and they can predict when they’re going to be. A man with his money can have the best chemists to alter molecular structures of the drugs so that they are undetectable. Not to mention HGH is NOT tested for in the NBA. As far as recuperating faster, staying injury free, and attaining lean muscle and fat loss (LBM) – HGH is arguably the most usable PED for a superstar in their prime. For a younger one that wants to accumulate mass, some synthetic test is the way to go. *Cough Cough* remember Lebron when he wasn’t 275??? LOL I remember seeing him at the beginning of one of his seasons in Cleveland and thinking to myself, THIS MOFOS ON GEAR (steroids)!!! A sad but true aspect of athletics. Get used to it and stop being naive. Yes, a large amount of your fave players use PEDs. This is across ALL sports. Even golf….. *Cough TIGER cough*.

    Oh, and I know this because I’m a college BASKETBALL player who is going to ball overseas or perhaps domestically. I train with NBA guys, overseas guys, other college/high school athletes. Notice the emphasis on BASKETBALL. Yes PEDs increase aspects of athleticism such as power, strength, speed, anything related to your athletic performance. Which is why Lebrons a FREAK and still has no jumpshot. Bottom line is that you don’t want to put these synthetic hormones into your body, unless you want the life expectancy and health of a lab rat. But with the right advising and gameplan you can minimize risk and allow it to go UNDETECTED. With the millions of dollars on the line and some PEDs that are out of your system in a matter of hours, why not do it???

    FOOD FOR THOUGHT… oh and BTW look up “Lebron Biogenisis” and “derrick rose NBA steroids” on google. Don’t know why these articles haven’t hit SportsCenter.

    Ignorance is bliss, am I right?

  • niggaer

    hey idiot lebron is 6’8 250 and came into the league 6’8 240

  • Brandt

    Yes .. Were trained to not follow our intuition / common sense faculties. Read about it as well and the answer to the question is so obvious its like saying Jordan’s titles were not rigged with the most favoritism reffing in Sport history. Time To Wake Up Folks.

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