Arrests Made Following Audrie Pott’s Suicide

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    We have good news to report in the Audrie Pott case. Three boys — all 16 years old — have been arrested and charged with crimes related to her death. Audrie Pott, who was only 15 years old at the time, committed suicide shortly after she was raped while unconscious.

    See the 7 Audrie Pott pictures below.

    Not only was she raped, the kids took pictures. Those Audrie Pott rape photos made their way online and to other kids at her high school. “The whole school knows … My life is ruined,” she said on Facebook. She then hung herself.

    This is just another tragic story. A young life cut short at the hands of three evil men. Hopefully they get prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

    If you’d like to remember Audrie Pott, we urge you to donate to the AudriePottFoundation.

    Here are the 7 Audrie Pott pictures. Be sure to click “Next” to view all the photos.

    Audrie Pott Pictures

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      • Bob

        Take responsibility for your actions women.

        • Bob2

          Are you serious? Do you think being raped while unconscious was a choice? I suppose it wasn’t the boys’ fault that a young, naive girl made the mistake of falling asleep in her friend’s home, and they just had no choice but to rape her. As if they have no self-control or sense of moral judgment whatsoever. You disgust me.

          I hope you get raped in your sleep. It’ll be your fault after all, for not taking responsibility for your actions.

        • Bob3

          Sleep? Wtf are you talking about sleep? You don’t think you’d wake up if you were being raped while asleep? She had to be drunk or drugged or something, not simply asleep. Either way an idiot for committing suicide. All these mid-teen suicide girls are idiots. Killing yourself instead of going to the police? Dumb.

        • Jason Dessing

          You seem to think that mid-teen girls should think the way you do.
          Newsflash: They don’t.
          Their brains are not yet fully developed and their personalities are frail.

        • Dina

          Jason you are a great man!

        • Ray

          i hate guys that rape girls
          i also hate girls that wear skin tight clothes

        • Dina

          Raping girls is not ok.
          However what someone wears is not in the same catagory

        • Guestly

          The best way to take responsibility is to not go to the police, but to cut off their testicles. And that is what she should have done. There are even lots of ways to give them testecular cancer and they’d never know she did it.

        • samiam

          kudos !! I vote BIG Yes !
          check my comment above, our laws are lenient and allows minors to rape and grow to men where they can then rape more women. I like our system dont you ?

        • Dina

          Who raised you? Your a poor excuse for man. Hide behind words. I can definitely give you an education in life 101.

        • Dina

          Big difference “women”and innocent. Teen trying to find her way. You are truly prize.

      • Marcus

        I agree bob ur a discrace

      • Guestly

        Publish the boys freaking names, will ya! You published HER name and she was a minor!

        • Kevalya

          Her family asked that her name be published. Otherwise it would not have been.

        • Dina

          Prayers go out for her family.

      • Gabbi

        Why was a 15 year old passed out? This is the same thing that happed to the girl in Steubenville Ohio. I think the fact that these boys see nothing wrong with taking advantage of an unconcious person, is heinous. In addition, as a parent I have to wonder why a 15 year old was in a situation where she would be getting drunk or drugged. Parents need to be involved and know where their children are and with whom. They need to teach their boys to respect others, and they need to teach their girls not to put themselves in situations where they might lose control. It a collabortive failure.

        • Dina

          Parents can be involved @ things still happen. The children feel invisible as well trying to find themselves @ be in the in crowd. Where did you grow up? A victim is exactly that. As. Well these boys were her”friends”. Being the mother of Sons if they did this kind of act I would still want full justice. Period

        • Tracie Cineus

          Do You Mean And? Instead Of @ = At

      • samiam

        We always like to depend on band-aid laws if at all they work !!
        One of the prime reasons the crime rate is on rise is because no one fears the law !!
        Why ? They are not strict enough and convenient for folks to talk advantage of it.
        They provide free food and shelter too. Why minors can rape and get away easily ?
        Would you like your daughter or girl friend or sister get raped by minor and get off ?
        Why does not anyone think about root-causes and fix that rather than after fact band-aids ?

      • billy

        I sometimes drug my wife and rape her

        • Dina

          You’re a true gem.your. Wife should be proud as well your mother. Trivializing a baby girls death

      • Gilbert

        It’s sad reading some of the responses on here. Yes, she was 15 and where were her parents but we don’t know the details behind the story. All we know is that a young girl was raped by the people around her. This is not ok anywhere. Rape is a scary thing when awake, because you are put in a position of ultimate submission. No one should ever be raped. I feel for her and her family and hopefully they can manage the pain everyday, every holiday, every special event that their daughter is not there.

      • mike mizanin

        this bitch is dumb for killing herself now shes in hell asking for mercy she was drunk and could handle it and you wonder why she got raped

        • LesCharles

          You are one pathetic human being. Must be one of the rapists dads.

        • Dina

          So true

        • Dina

          You are the one who will burn in hell young man.start with taking bitch out of your vocabulary. Were you there? Do you know if she was drugged? Does not matter. Young innocent girl made a choice to drink.her little body has no idea how much until unconscious. As a mother of boys this is an animal act. Not just a drunken act on there part as they took to the next level at school ..sober the next day

        • Dina

          Mike I personally would like to have conversation with you. I want to see how your undeveloped mind works.

      • Tom

        Try the boys as adults! But where were the feeble police and adults afterwards? I guarantee you someone knew and did nothing.

      • Marty

        Oh my god no. They need to be charged with manslaughter. I hope they never touch another woman as long as they live. Hope they’re feeling pretty smug about that. I saw them in court smirking. That needs to wipe the shitty little grins off their faces. Their actions are indefensible.

      • Marty

        A woman can never ask to be raped. Period.

      • Nina

        I hope the boys go to prison and get raped too…

      • Sani Fornus

        Despicable crime

      • Anon a Joe

        Names just published on Audrie Pott

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