Farrah Abraham Minimizes James Deen

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Farrah Abraham and James Deen have been trading barbs since the filming of their sex tape. The latest blast comes from Farrah Abraham who says she wasn’t impressed by the James Deen small penis.

“His penis is small,” Farrah Abraham told TMZ cameras.

James Deen Small Penis

James Deen Small Penis

I did a Google search to look for James Deen penis size and I came away with several answers. The porn industry claims James Deen is 9 inches. Nerds on message boards believe James Deen is 6 inches. I might have to side with the nerds on this one.

“I’m not going to make fun of penises,” Farrah Abraham added. “I haven’t seen many but he’s is definitely not big.”

This may set off a new drama: How big is James Deen’s penis? He should whip it out and measure. He’s a porn star so there shouldn’t be any issues.

If James Deen penis is nine inches, then Farrah Abraham is crazy. But if it’s only six inches, he’d be a fraud and this chick may be on to something.


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  • M

    Don’t be an idiot. There are pictures and vids of his dick easily accessible on the Internet. Try checking out those and tell me it’s small. If he’s small then the average guy is minuscule.

  • bloop

    I wouldn’t say that 6 inches is “small” though…

  • Steph

    Looks like 6 or 6 1/2 to me, but that’s just the right size!

  • d

    You idiots really think that 6 inches is small? Objectively it is very very average. Ugly bitch was obviously offended. That’s all.

  • d

    I am bigger so I measure as it is.

  • BH

    he’s a bit over seven inches. Not that I’ve measured it, but I’ve met him.. and when the situation occurred, ours looked around the same length. He had more girth than me though, and that sometimes makes a dick seem longer or bigger than it is.

  • NS84

    who cares anyways about his penis size ? what it is interesting is HOW he uses it with his partners and I can’t name a lot of other famous porn actors looking so passionned and gentle with women. That’s make him a porn STAR to me definitely.

  • jimbojuice

    5 to 7 is medium. Less than 5 means fail.

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