Kim Kardashian Pervs on Little Sister

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Kim Kardashian apparently really misses her bikini body. She misses it so fact that she recently took these 9 Kendall Jenner sexy bikini photos that you can see below. These pictures make Kim Kardashian creepy, and here’s why:

1. Kendall Jenner is Kim Kardashian’s little sister. You don’t take sexy bikini pictures of your little sister. And especially don’t do it when her butt is on full display.

2. Kendall Jenner is only 17 years old. She’s jailbait at this point. If Kim Kardashian were a man, he’d be sent up the river and labeled as a pervert.

3. Not only was Kim Kardashian involved, her other sister Khloe Kardashian got in the Kendall Jenner bikini pictures mix. Awkward!

I don’t think Kim Kardashian is going to get any heat over this. But, really, she should have waited a year before publishing these pictures.

Here are the 9 Sexy Kendall Jenner bikini photos. Be sure to click “Next” to see all 9 pics.

Kendall Jenner Sexy Photos

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