Chubby Chick Tried to Lose Weight, Then Sued

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Christina Pagliarolo is suing the Rachael Ray show for emotional distress and negligence after a trainer allegedly treated her poorly. She was on the show to lose weight — but evidently didn’t enjoy the tactics that were used by the show’s trainer. Check out the 8 Christina Pagliarolo photos below.

This chick is chubby — there’s no denying that. But at 260 pounds, she doesn’t have that much to be ashamed of. She should have just worked with what she was given instead of going on the Rachael Ray show looking for a shortcut. There’s no such thing as an easy shortcut when it comes to losing weight … and she found that out the hard way.

I’m not going to say Christina Pagliarolo is hot but she’s not terrible looking either. Let’s hope she regains her self-confidence and doesn’t resort to quick fixes. As for the Rachael Ray show, using football motivation tactics on a chubby teenager is just asking for trouble.

Here are the 8 Christina Pagliarolo photos. Be sure to click “Next” to see each of the 8 pics!

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  • Joop


  • Jerry Belle

    There’s “chubby” and then there’s obese. I agree that she should not have gone on the show, but she should have known, from watching these types of show, what she was in for if she appeared.

  • xox02x

    Christina Pagliarolo is arrogant and did NOTHING but complain the whole time she was on Rachel Ray. She shouldn’t sue…she should either start over or get surgery to get rid of the weight.

  • Allen Utley

    I don’t think she really tried to do anything to help herself, Now she is doing feel sorry fom me!

  • adeah1

    Why double up the pics and say 8 when there really is only 4. The girl has problems..Let Gillian get hold of her fat little self. That’s what she needs! Needs to sort out her emotional problems if it is not caused by medical problems and get herself together.

  • Dani

    What they doesn’t tell you is the bootcamp where she went is notorious for pushing people over his or her limits and a lot of shady crap went on there and probably still does…Eric (her trainer/owner) is a wannabe celebrity trainer who takes every short cut imaginable and will hire an assistant work them to day 89 and then fire them on day 89 before they can start receiving benefits. I know SEVERAL people that have been emotionally damaged by this camp program. Due to underlying emotional issues that were exploited and used against people to get them to power through a work out. It is/was very damaging. Some of these people weren’t even that much overweight or even fat at all. Some just came to challenge themselves and Eric being the douche he is caused a lot of emotional and physical damage to many people.

  • Leon Wilkeson

    Fucking disgusting. I’m sick of lazy fat asses claiming it’s a disease. I used to weigh 260. Did I have a disease? No! I was lazy. I lost 50 lbs. I feel better. Try it.

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