At Long Last, Jennifer Morrison Gets Naked

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Finally! Jennifer Morrison has never done a nude scene before in her acting career. Well, the 34-year-old finally got naked on camera — and the results are glorious. Check out the 6 Jennifer Morrison photos below to see for yourself.

You probably know her as Emma Swan from ABC’s “Once Upon A Time”. Jennifer Morrison was also on House (Dr. Allison Cameron) and How I Met Your Mother (Zoey Pierson).

In an interview after this Allure naked issue, Jennifer Morrison hinted that this could be the first of many nude scenes to come. Why hadn’t she gotten naked before? She says it was simple: Nobody had asked her to take off her clothes. Amazing!

Here are the 6 Jennifer Morrison nude photos. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all 6 pics.

Jennifer Morrison Nude Photos from Allure

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  • Jos

    lol, that”s just one pic dude.
    You’re funny.

  • lol

    good thing its not the same photo six times.

  • ururrur

    Same pic asshole

  • Random guy

    I wish she wasn’t covering up her boobs

  • U peeple r fgts

    same picture 6 times

  • Your wrong

    She has done a nude scene. Urban legends

    • Toby

      You spelled “you’re” incorrectly – meaning you’re wrong, too. (grin)

  • iztheman

    Take your hands away and put you leg down!

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