Lingzi Lu Photos – Chinese Boston University Student Died at Marathon

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We have the identity of the third person killed at the Boston Marathon. Her name is Lingzi Lu and she was from China and attended Boston University. It’s simply a tragedy that this beautiful Chinese woman died due to the Boston Marathon explosions. Check out the 9 Lingzi Lu photos below.

She was with a group of three friends at the Boston Marathon. After the bombing, the rest of her friends were accounted for in a hospital. A search went out for Lingzi Lu on Twitter, Facebook and Weibo. Unfortunately, it ends up that Lingzi Lu is dead.

Let us hope that the cowards who perpetrated this heinous crime get what’s coming to them.

Here are the 9 Lingzi Lu photos. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all the pictures of the Chinese woman who was attending Boston University:

Lingzi Lu Photos

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  • Mark in Ohio

    I pray for her family and loved ones. I am so sorry this happened as you sent your beautiful daughter to our country to study :(

  • ZeonBoi

    What a shame, such a cute girl, she looks like a lovely person.

  • Brenda Morris

    i didn’t know you but today i weep for the loss of such a lovely lady. an incomprehensible heinous act has not only caused immense pain to the families and friends of the injured and casualties, but it has forever changed the world. i pray for your family. i pray for your friends. i also pray that we all comprehend that the world is still filled with wonderful and amazing people. whomever is responsible, this will not go as an unpunished act. this is america AND UNITED WE STAND!

  • LiRui

    My heart goes out to her family. While I didn’t know her I wish I had. She looks like a wonderful person. I probably walked by her a hundred times on the streets. I’m sure she touched many people. God bless you all. I’m sorry you have to suffer this pain.

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