Disgusting! What Happened to Jennifer Aniston’s Back?

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Jennifer Aniston was just spotted with weird markings on her back. To make matters worse, she tried to cover up the circular marks on her back with makeup. The result was a disgustingly epic fail. Check out this Jennifer Aniston back photo:

Jennifer Aniston Back

Jennifer Aniston Back


The internet is saying the marks on her back are a result of cupping. Apparently, celebrity chicks sometimes have suction cups put on their back to promote blood circulation. Even if that’s the case, these Jennifer Aniston back pictures are still unforgivable.

Jennifer Aniston back - Cupping?

Jennifer Aniston back – Cupping?

If she has that going on, she should have broke out a turtleneck instead of trying to cover up the grossness with makeup.

What do you think of Jennifer Aniston’s back? Let us know in the comment section below!


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  • Glads

    It looks like she may have had Chinese cupping work done using suction cups. This would explain the round bruise type marks. Either that or she needs to sack her spray tanner!

  • w.singleton

    I hope that she did not do this on purpose. Jennifer has always been one of my favorites .I would be very disappointed if she did this to herself.

  • drGao

    its pityriasis versicolor tipe of fungus that usually appears on peoples back, its really hard to get rid of it, she pobably was in contact with someone or something that had it and transferred it to her skin, if you have alot of stress its most likely that you wont get rid of it soon, its not dangerous for health and it has nothing to do with personal higyene

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