Hot Chick Falls During Rooftop Party and Dies

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Tragedy struck near Temple University on Wednesday evening when Ali Fausnaught died after falling off of a rooftop party. According to reports, she was posing for a photograph when she tripped and fell three stories. You can see the 9 Ali Fausnaught photos below to get a glimpse of this beautiful lady struck down in nightmarish circumstances.

Police have already ruled her death an accident. The rooftop where the party was taking place didn’t have a guard rail and only a small ledge. She was pronouced dead within an hour of hitting the ground after falling approximately 40 feet.

Reports indicate that there was alcohol present at the party, however it’s unknown at this time whether Ali Fausnaught was drinking. Either way, let’s send positive vibes to this lovely chick’s family and friends as they attempt to cope.

Here are the 9 Ali Fausnaught photos. Be sure to click “Next” to see all the pics.

Ali Fausnaught Photos

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  • MystiKasT

    What a beautiful woman, blacks are so ugly in comparison.

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