Was the Waco Plant Explosion a Terrorist Attack? Branch Davidians Connection

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Another tragedy has struck the United States with the Waco fertilizer plant explosion that has reportedly killed at least 60 people including firefighters and police. The Wednesday night blast is initially being called an accident. But can we be sure? Based on history, this Waco fertilizer plant explosion may very well be a terrorist attack.

Why might it be terrorism related?

(Check out the 9 Waco fertilizer plant photos below.)

It may not be a coincidence that April 19 (tomorrow) is the 20 year anniversary of the Waco siege (often called the Waco massacre) at the Branch Davidians’ home and church in Waco. The raid began on February 28, 1993 and ended violently fifty days later on April 19, 1993. In total, 67 men, women and children, including the cult leader David Koresh were killed.

Additionally, this country has already seen terrorist attacks based on the Branch Davidians fiasco. The Oklahoma City bombing ended up being — at least partially — a response to the Waco massacre and David Koresh’s death. On the 20th anniversary of the Waco siege, it wouldn’t be crazy to think that another terrorist wanted to commemorate the date like Timothy McVeigh did.

So before claiming this Waco explosion to be an accident, the Feds better look really close at the evidence because the terrorism angle makes a lot of sense.

Here are the 9 photos of the Waco fertilizer plant blast:

Waco Fertilizer Plant Explosion Photos

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  • Jill

    It sure seems like there is a connection….. and the explosion is related.

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