Russell Hollywood Simpson Tries to Out Kerry Rhodes

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Someone is lying. Kerry Rhodes says he’s straight. Russell “Hollywood” Simpson says Kerry Rhodes is gay. In fact, he claims to be a former Kerry Rhodes gay boyfriend. This saga promises to get messy!

Check out the 14 Russell Hollywood Simpson photos below. Most every image also shows Kerry Rhodes in the pic — even kissing his alleged gay ex-boyfriend.

In recent interviews, Russell Hollywood Simpson talks in-depth about his relationship with the NFL football star. He says that Kerry Rhodes’ teammates knew him and liked him. The players’ wives also supposedly enjoyed his company. He states that he and the NFL player were making a reality TV show before they broke up. And to top it off, he says the football player is great in bed!

Kerry Rhodes, on the other hand, says Russell Hollywood Simpson is simply a former assistant. He says that these questionable pictures were just him messing around with an employee of his. Is he lying or telling the truth? Personally, I don’t care — but this story isn’t going away until the public gets some straight answers.

Here are the 14 Russell Hollywood Simpson photos. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see each and every pic!

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  • brwonsugamo

    Kerry needs to own up to the fact that he’s been intimate in one way, shape, or form with “Hollywood”. Who does he think is going to believe he is completely “straight” after seeing these 14 photos. He would be more respected if he told the TRUTH. HE HIT THAT FROM THE BACK!!! UGHHHH!!! “Straight” women, WE ARE IN TROUBLE, in this day and age.


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