Sydney Corcoran’s Amazing Story of Survival and Heroic Strangers

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The picture that moved me the most during the entire Boston Marathon bombing ordeal was the picture of the woman laying on the ground with others around her attempting to comfort her. It turns out that woman was Sydney Corcoran and we’ve got details about her amazing story.

sydney corcoran(Check out the 12 Sydney Corcoran photos below to see more of this lovely lady.)

She was standing next to her mom, Celeste Corcoran, near the finish line at the Boston Marathon when the explosions occurred. Her mom lost both of her legs during the blast. Sydney Corcoran’s legs were torn apart by shrapnel. The most dangerous injury was a ruptured femoral artery.

Thankfully, strangers were able to stop the bleeding and the doctors at the hospital saved her life. One of the strangers on the street was Matt Smith. After she woke up at the hospital, she started asking everyone to find Matt.

Matt Smith was found and he went to the hospital to meet Sydney Corcoran once again. It was emotional, as you will see in the pictures. She also got a visit from Bradley Cooper, the famous actor.

While it sounds like Sydney Corcoran and her mother Celeste Corcoran will survive, they need our help. Please consider donating to their recovery fund that will go toward healing these beautiful women.

Here are the 12 Sydney Corcoran photos. Be sure to click “Next” to see each of the 12 pics!

Sydney Corcoran Photos

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  • Saga Masamune

    3 people die in boston and the world cries. And hundreds of people who die everyday in the Islam world and nobody gives a damn about them, bullshit!!

    • kyle murphy

      Many die,many more will die,death comes for everyone,not just one person my friend,that being said,worry about thine own self and set your affections on living,not worrying about the others

    • Porky

      Seriously? Do you even consider that America is not in a war zone and the other islamic countries are currently is in a war zone.

      One of the safest countries on earth is America then it got bombed that’s why it is a shock for the world to here such a news.

    • Truth Teller

      bombed..!? got back to school! 90% of all terrorist/militant shit is self induced or planned.. these acts of terrorism are designed to change the way we think and how we act.. Why the F do you think the elite call us the masses? and why do you think “freak/accident/terrorist” situations/events are so good at getting legislation changed?????? It only takes one idiot or one really clever guy to repeat the same information over and over before somebody believes its fact.. Say goodbye to your right to bare arms in America – driving force behind the scheme – Strict population control just like china – Batman shootout + school shoot out (where primary murder weapon is found in the boot of the shooters car after he HAS ALREADY himself with it?.. I can only assume it was a setup or some kind sole passing by put it back away for him) used as a tool to induce fear etc the list goes on and on and thats even before we break subject and look at 9/11.. wish some people would just wake the F up and realise that if you believe what you see on TV without question.. you are already brainwashed.. example – America sends bombers 6600 miles away to Pakistan and bombs the shit out of everybody whilst they sleep – on American TV this is celebrated as a good thing.. however almost every other country in the world is shocked at the horror.. so why such a different opinion?.. America is just the PLAYGROUND for the rich, who the F gives a toss if the East is in 24 hour conflict when there possessions are not there and they are financially gaining this disorder.. POINT= WAKE THE F UP AND REALISE WHO IS ACTUALLY DIEING HERE AND WHAT FOR! its about time somebody grew a pair of balls and tackled this planets problems at the top where they are generated .. They may be rich and powerful, but does that give them the right to rule and manipulate humanity as a whole, as a toy and at the own personal pleasure..

    • Jacob

      Go home, Alex Jones.

    • Saga Masamune

      I salute you my friend. Thank you so much for your words. And I’m not gonna lie, I feel for those who where killed in boston, really. But bigger disasters are happening elsewhere

    • Saga Masamune

      America is the safest country??? Where the hell are u from, planet Mars??

  • Suigintou

    Hundreds of people died in suriah and palestine almost everyday

    • Jacob


    • SAga Masamune

      In arabic It’s Suriah

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