10 Plenty of Fish Tips – How to Get Girls to Reply to Messages on POF

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If you’re struggling to get girls to message you back on Plenty of Fish, don’t worry, most guys on POF struggle to get replies.Thankfully, I know all the POF tips and tricks to lead you to success.

First of all, I’d like you to know that most girls on POF will not reply to your messages. I’m an attractive guy with a solid profile and I probably have only 1 in 10 girls return my messages.

With that in mind, let’s jump into the 10 tips for Plenty of Fish success so you can score in the world of online dating! Be sure to click “Next” to see all ten tips.

1. Don't get discouraged

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Don't lose hope if you're not getting replies. You can't let it rattle you. Just keep on trucking. Remember that most guys don't even get 1 of 25 messages or more replied to.

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  • Rodger

    I hate to tell you guys who read this, But most of it’s bullshit except for, You gotta get to the point that you don’t care who does or doesn’t answer. If you hang around POF long enough you will find out that most of the women there are nutty and weird one way or the other.Lots of them are on meds for mental conditions. While others come off with this sense of entitlement. “I’m all that and a bag of chips. And you better know it!

    I was there for 7 years. I learned a lot. First, Don’t give a damn who answers and who doesn’t. Second,Be more picky of who you write. Don’t just write willy nilly to every woman you see. Take your time. Believe me,they do. Never,ever let them think they have you by the short hairs. Never let them think you are a very successful person. To many women there are shallow enough. You have no idea which ones are and which ones are not. If you let them know you have plenty,All you will find is someone that will help you spend your money. And when it’s gone,so are they. (Unless that’s what you’re looking for)

    READ THE PROFILES. If you read the profile you may not even want to know the woman in the first place. Pay attention to what she says in her profile. A lot of times their shallowness,pettiness and sense of self entitlement will come out. Sometimes with a lot of other things that will give you a sense of who and what she is.
    When you look at a womans profile, Pay attention to how much she writes about herself, or lack of it. If all she says is something like, “Anything you want to know, just ask”. Skip it. Move right on to the next profile. Women read profiles before they answers messages. They expect you to have something to say about yourself.

    You should be the same. If a woman has very little to nothing to say about herself in her profile, Why would you want to write her? Always remember, Most of these women are someone else throw away. 99% will say that the man played around on her. Some of them didn’t deserve it. While others, It’s quite possible she drove him to it. You don’t know for sure which is true with any one certain woman. So, Be careful. Do you want your messages answered? Be choosy as they are and you will get results.

    • Gibs

      That’s a great advice. We men can be so blind some times, without considering all these things. Thanks so much for this!

    • DINGUS


    • Another redneck not

      My opening line to every woman is “You’re hot” with a smiley face. I got a higher response to that than the other bull like talking about their interests in their profile.

  • Andrew Albertson

    Don’t sit on the site all day. Log in only during the evening. Women in general do not like Internet junkies and it makes you look like a player or a desperate loser.

  • Veteran of the conflict

    As someone who’s dated extensively on POF, let me add my 2 cents.

    1. It’s ALL about your pictures. Maybe not all, but like 95%. The ratio of men to women is about 10 to 1. ALL women are bombarded with hundreds of messages, especially the cute ones. They will never read your profile if they can’t get past your pictures. Sorry, this is a fact. So put up the best pictures of you ever taken. Without good looks and/or good pics, you are dead in the water online. You probably already know this, but I’m confirming it.

    2. Keep your profile short and sweet. You’re just a laid back happy-go-lucky guy looking for a nice girl. You’re exciting, and you got things going for you. NO negativity. No whining, no complaining, no pissing or moaning. It’s self-defeating. Keep it light, funny and charming. Use correct grammar and spelling.

    3. Getting women is a NUMBERS GAME, both on and off line. That’s the only game in town. That’s it. There is no ‘game’ but the numbers game. The only real difference between you and a guy who gets more women than you is that guy APPROACHES more women than you. The more you approach, the more you’ll get.

    4. Have patience. THIS IS KEY. Patience. Internet dating can drive you insane. So many flaky chicks, self-absorbed, self-obsessed, entitled people wasting your time, ignoring you or just pissing you off. TAKE IT ALL IN STRIDE. Patience is key, and maybe the most important component after pictures. It’s also the hardest part, but you gotta be a ninja about it. To quote Cartman, have the disciprine.

    5. Understand that the women who inhabit internet dating are usually social retards with mental and psychological issues, social anxiety disorders, depression, etc. Especially the cute ones. How is it they can’t find a boyfriend after being emailed by 5,000 men. If you meet them, you’ll know. You’ll have to weed through this human wreckage.

    6. Ultimately, finding someone is a factor of both persistent effort and luck. Roll the dice and have fun! You might even get laid. I did!

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