Is Kelsey Williams Too Chunky for a Cheerleader?

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    Yes, someone basically wrote a story asking if Kelsey Williams was too fat to be an effective cheerleader for the Oklahoma City Thunder. When you’ll see the 6 Kelsey Williams photos below, you’ll be shocked that this question was even posed.

    Anna-Megan Raley AKA Claire Crawford wrote an article for CBS Houston questioning Kelsey Williams. Apparently, she saw some sort of “pudginess” and openly asked if the OKC Thunder cheerleader was “too chunky”.

    Looking at the pictures, if anything this cheerleader can afford to gain 10 or 15 pounds. She’s nowhere near too chunky or pudgy or whatever else is being talked about.

    Here are the 6 Kelsey Williams photos. Look at the 6 pics and then tell us in the comment section below if you think she’s too chunky.

    Kelsey Williams Photos - Chunky Cheerleader?

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      • Letme

        She is hotter then the other three……….

        • Hec

          THAN the other three? Yes, she is.

      • Barry Watson

        nothing——–wrong with her at all!!!!!!!!

      • lisa

        the chick is gorgeous

        • Scot

          She’s cute. Everyone needs to either calm down or grow up.

      • The Truth

        She is chunky

      • christomlinsongarver

        My gosh! This girl is HOT!!!! The writer of the story must have been really, really jealous of this cheerleader! For her to even say that Chelsey is overweight….wow….she is so NOT overweight! This girl is pretty close to perfect and I’d watch her cheer anytime!! :)

      • christomlinsongarver

        Does the lady who wrote this know that we guys don’t really like stick skinny girls? This girl, Chelsey, has shape and in all the right places!!

      • Robert Gibson

        The writer of the blog is probably just another woman who has preconceived notions of what a pretty woman is supposed to look like. I love thick, fit, beautiful women and so do lots of men. I’m with christomlinsongarver – I (and many men as well) pass over skinny, thin, bony girls.

        • Laurie Kester-Havens

          Your are right. Here is the girl that blogged that the above girl is pudgy!

        • feisty

          she is not thick at all

      • doyle jenkins

        She wouldn’t look so wide if she wasn’t flat-chested. Bigger girls that are flat in the front and back are the worst.

      • jcap007

        very nice. she is pretty delux. jealous writer and petty

      • scallywag

        Then again maybe in the end it raises the question of freedom of speech even if feelings are sometimes hurt. Or if sometimes it pays for one to employ some degree of finesse when it comes time to broach sensitive themes?

      • Audrey F.

        I think this is a case of a Houston Rockets fan being extremely bitter that they are down 2 in the series and needed to let out her frustrations on a perfectly fit cheerleader. Haters gone hate.

      • Tom Adkins

        Well…since everyone is so concerned about her, I volunteer to be her personal trainer. First session starts in my bed. Don’t wait around. This could take some time….

      • Judge


      • no name

        shes gorgeous! another example of some loser wanna be journalist trying to make a name for herself but too pathetic to use her true name.

      • markinkc

        She is freakin HOT!!!!

      • Darrell

        I think she is screaming hot. In fact, I’m not crazy about those others, not that they look bad, but she is the best of the ones shown in the pictures above. My opinion. The blogger is just jealous. She is probably really thin with a face like a constipated iguana.

      • bianca

        she is absolutely fine,how silly and caddy…they should make the outfit itself more apealing less is not always more!

        • Jay

          Or “catty.” Whatever.

      • KB White

        She does not look athletic or in shape. She is chunky and probably should work the chub off. She wears too much makeup and looks very phony. But I never have to look at her again, oh well.

        • twinmommyx2

          Are you looking at the same 6 pictures the rest of us are looking at?! She does not look fat! Also, she is wearing a lot of makeup because cheerleaders HAVE to wear a lot on the field so you can see their faces from the stands. Also in photo shoots they wear a lot of make up so that they don’t look “washed out”.

      • Casey

        Hell no! She looks great… What in the hell was this Crawford person writing. I think she was jealous!

      • cynical man

        would it kill anyone to post a full-length picture of the chick in her uniform?…the only pictures i can find are from the waist up…and, no, on the basis of what i’ve seen, she doesn’t look to pudgy…i’m not a skin-and-bones guy…a little pudge is good…but don’t forget–this is one chick calling ANOTHER chick “chunky”…if it had been a dude questioning her fitness, of course he’d have already been fired from his parent paper and been run out of town on a rail…it may be tacky, but, in the haste to protect our SECOND-ammendment rights, let’s not trample the FIRST-ammendment rights in the process…

        • cynical man

          on a related note, i’ve never thought at anna-meagan was any great shakes her own self…if she wants to pick on fat people, she has to look no further than the padre of pudge himself–john mcclain…i don’t keep up, but he USED to be her boss, didn’t he?…

      • Nancy

        The only thing “pudgy” in those pics are the pom poms. That girl is gorgeous!

      • hickster.mike

        If she’s pudgy, “Claire Crawford” must be morbidly obese.

      • Jack Findley

        The first thing that the NBA needs to figure out…are these girls cheerleaders, or are they sex symbols.?

      • Lu Ann Mc Gill

        WHAT??????????????? in the helll is wrong with the person who posted that??? you must be a friggin idiot, and an ugly jealous, meaningless person!!!! you need freaking glasses, that girl is GORGEOUS!!! YOU are just jealouse you don’t look like her, just remember ” anyone can lose weight IF they choose to , but honey f’n ugly is to the BONE!!!!! booooyaaa

        • Laurie Kester-Havens

          ha ha! See the pics I posted earlier of the woman that blogged that. You hit the nail on it’s nose! I mean head!

      • rgthreeee

        Yes, she is way too chunky. Gross

      • F T McLelland

        I think she is hot!! There is nothing wrong with some meat on the bones, keeps me warm in the winter!! LOL!!

      • booger red

        she looks hot. especially compared to those monkeys

        • rompopapaw

          Wow racism at its core. Just because these girls are black you call them monkey, You are not any better than the news reporter who wrote about this. I would not even want to shit in your mouth you dirty smelly white trash ghost. Go get a tan so you can look black,

        • twinmommyx2

          While I agree with you that booger red is being a racist jerk (and must be blind-because all 4 of those women are beautiful), you attacking him/her with racist comments makes you just as bad…

        • SNL

          You are a descendant of an ape you broke loser!

        • StephN

          You are such a racist jerk!

      • DeeJea

        I am totally confused as to where you think she is chunky at…I mean heck……I think she is pretty dang good looking.

      • Loca

        I don’t see how the hell anyone could think she is “pudgy” or even “chunky”. She is super thin, what the hell is this lady’s problem. Since when do cheerleaders need to look like anorexic models?

      • jess

        Well I think she is absolutely beautiful its really nice to see a natural woman out there not fake and enhanced with plastic surgery more power to you you go girl don’t listen to all these jealous haters

      • KH

        The pictures are all from different years. Yes, she was thinner, probably when she first started her job as a cheerleader. For whatever reason, she gained weight. However, who cares if she put on some pounds. 1) is she happy? 2) can she do her job well? 3) why does the media and others feel the need to cut people down? She is a beautiful girl and overall, in very good shape, even after she put on some weight. To the media and others: stop trying to trash her confidence with the mean commentary. She’s a beautiful woman and should be treated far better than they are treating her.

      • Onion Smith

        This girl is way Hot !!!!!! somebody’s jealous, or half blind

      • Karebear

        omg!!!!!! she is so far from fat this is absolutely insane…shes not even thick. That B*%$# that wrote she is fat is so busted and obviously jealous. Id do almost anything to look like this beautiful cheerleader. Of coarse Im prob considered a fat ass too at 120 pounds LOL

      • Kwan Monique Washington

        Somebody is obviously a hater!!! Doing your thing girl!

      • Alan Kent

        Kelsey Williams looks amazingly like the canadian porno star VICKI VETTE except vicki vette has humongous fake knockers ..the face the eyes the smile the bunny rabbit teeth the body all the same i wonder if she has the same voice and are long lost cousins

      • Sinde Belcher

        Wow, I wish I was that skinny again. This idiot who is calling her fat is like all those kids in school who make girls anorexic because they constantly call her fat. This chic has no room to talk and no reason for saying that. To the few people on here saying she IS disgusting and fat and so on, you are a complete jackass and need to get your own self some help. This woman is beautiful and does not deserve this type of treatment from anyone. The girl who wrote this is just plain bitter, jealous and some kind of nasty skank for what she said.

      • kjcountrygirl

        If that is chunky, I would hate to see what that blogger or so called writer would think is fat! She is healthy and a real woman, not a stick figure.

      • mark

        I’d like to see a pic of the bitch that wrote the article, but I don’t care enough to look it up.

      • Citizen K

        I would kill to look that “chunky”!!!

      • Julia Griffin Stalnaker

        I don’t see any fat around her waist…this kind of thing is what leads young girls to anorexia and bulimia.

      • truthbtold

        just another crazy jealous biotch who is crazy insecure so she gets it by blogging dumb garbage!!!! This girl is gorgeous… pull it together whatever your blogging name is

      • Sue

        Claire, Claire, Claire… you need therapy if you think Kelsey is chunky… Get yourself treated please.

      • Writher

        beautiful. IF you had to pick out a picture where she look chunkier than others, it would be pics 2 and 3. You could maybe see where one day it will catch up with her, but not right now. she’s attractive

      • pissantinusa

        I would hit that until the “cows” come home! (Pun intended). I would be on that faster than a fat kid on the last meatball!! Now everybody’s gonna want a “Pudgy” girlfriend! LOL…………..

      • maxonian

        Clearly the blogger needs a good optometrist

      • Mary

        Are you kidding me? I am 5″5″ tall. I weigh 125#. I am constantly berated for me too thin. I am also 59 years old. This is ridiculous. When I was Kelsey’s age I weighed 190 pounds. I was too heavy. It took me years to get out from under the stigma that fat is ugly. I think about it all the time. This girl is not fat. Even if she was there is a thing called discrimination. She should be judged on her ability not her body. She is beautiful. That is plain to see. Leave her alone. She is also very fit. The woman that berated her has no right judging her. It is not only for a man to say what they think either. This is a big world. It is natural to say that men would be the ones that look at her but the opinions goes much farther than that.

      • Sam

        Claire Crawford is just jealous that Kelsey Williams looks better than she does.

      • Sara Jackson

        maybe the blogger is trying to resuscitate her crappy career as a writer? I mean, we’re all talking about her, right? It backfired Claire, because nothing you could write would ever interest me now. Quit perpetuating the stereotype that woman are caddy. Retract your nails…green is not your color!

      • Abigail

        I think she could you some toning in abs…but other than that I think she looks OK

      • julie

        sounds like the writer’s ugly green head of jealousy is coming out ….are you kidding me too pudgy? I think most women and men disagree with the writer who wrote that

      • Allan besner

        First off she is fabulously stunning! The rest of the cheerleaders with her in the pictures are similar build. The only problem is that she is not anexoric !

      • Tina Just-Tina

        Nope! No way is she chucky… She is perfect!

      • Sue

        She is a healthy beautiful woman–I would take that above a starving one. :)

      • feisty

        Unbelievable. She is not fat or pudgy. She is very beautiful. What is wrong with this female writer? She should be supporting woman. She should post her pic next to the cheerleader. Was she just trying to get attention to her writing? Unforunately, she is getting bad publicity and Kelsey is getting cheers and attention. Karma!

      • Ron Bockman


      • Mark Mireles

        She looks pretty darn hot to me!

      • Toonie13

        She’s a slight bit big but so what? She’s beautiful! Certainly don’t kick her out of the team for that! I’d to see a picture of the blogger herself and see how she can take any pointless criticism of her looks!

      • James Smith

        Sure she’s chunky uh huh yeah right. Can we get some of Claire pics in bikini or nude? She so full of it.

      • Vijay

        Chunky? More like hunky.

      • Missy

        Jealousy, thats all! Would like to see the size of those calling her overweight! Perhaps this cheerleader should teach those who judge her a thing or two about self-esteem and how to aquire it!! You go girl!!

      • bart

        she is stunning and beautiful with a body for a king she is very fine in my mind love you kelsey!!!!

      • zql77

        Please put some dates on the pictures. Most of them are quite old. Current condition, she is a little pudgy to be a cheerleader.

      • Symensez

        such a tubtub LOL

      • jnixed

        who is chelsey? its kelsey!!

      • Lauren

        Well, that was fun! She is beautiful, and if I looked like her, I would be shaking my ass on any court that would have me. Now let’s put up 6 pics of “Claire Crawford” and tell her she is pretty too so that she can have enough self confidence to leave everyone else alone. Get a life Anna-Megan, and write about things you are proud enough to put your real name on!

      • Cheryl

        There’s absolutely nothing wrong with her! Pudgy and too chunky? Please. The reporter obviously has issues of her own and is jealous of this gorgeous woman!

      • FractionOfOne

        She’s really pretty and probably in great cardiovascular shape. But, she IS thicker than most cheerleaders. It’s no surprise that many rush to defend her because they are projecting their own inadequacies and imperfections. The simple fact is, we are the most obese nation on the planet and our bar of nromalcy has been horribly reset, incrementally inching up (pun intended) for the worst litle-by-little as each year passes. Evidence? According to the Federal CDC, the average weight for American women (20 years and older) is 164.7 pounds… just under 5’4″. Since the 1960s, women weighed on average upwards of 24 pounds more than they did in the 1960s. Men are guilty of the same. Bottom line: Put that donut down, America!

      • me

        she should do more nude pic she is sssssoooooooooooooooooo sexy

      • glaucia nastari

        And, if she was chunky ? So what ?? Why, the hell, overweight gilrs can not be cheer leaders? It must change urgently ! I’m brazilian and I’m chocked ! How American women can have so preconceived notions of what a pretty woman is supposed to look like?There is a generation of anorexic women in USA, mainly between actresses. Disgusting!

      • Rob

        I listened to Kelsey being interviewed. She is a size 4 !! She is tiny. What kind of self-hating woman – who I’m sure has been kicked out of the sisterhood – would ever say there is anything wrong with this beautiful woman with a perfect body? Can’t wait until her name comes out and we learn what her problem is …

      • Dick

        Beautiful girl…. wow

      • Chey

        She is beautiful how she is. If she was too chunky to be a cheerleader she wouldnt have made the team but she is good at what she does and she is beautiful so stop judging her.

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