Cara Alexander Photos – Newport News Teacher in Hot Water

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Cara Alexander was an English teacher in Newport News, Virginia at Woodside High School. However, the beautiful 27-year-old is now in a lot of trouble. She was arrested for allegedly having a relationship with a 17-year-old male student. What broke the case open were Cara Alexander naked photos that were supposedly found on the kid’s cell phone. Uh oh.

This is such a confusing case because this teacher is so very hot. Why put your freedom on the line for a minor? According to reports, she was Cara Walter before marrying Chuck Alexander back in 2011. So, not only was she allegedly in a relationship with a 17-year-old, she was also allegedly having an affair on her husband. Double ouch.

She’s now facing six charges, including two felonies. If she doesn’t get out of this, she’s looking at years upon years behind bars. The English teacher has lost her job and her license to teach is being taken away — so she already has seen her life turned upside down as it is. Personally, I’m hoping she’s innocent.

Here are the 8 Cara Alexander pics:

Cara Alexander Photos

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  • manwtf

    Way to go not blurring out the Husband. GG!

  • jasongenova


  • jasz

    Lord Jesus.. This woman taught me last year too. Shockingly, I’m not surprised. She wrote on my birthday card too…time to sterilize it. Dirty. Nasty.

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