Is Dwight Howard on HGH or Steroids? PEDs Case Can Be Made

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Remember the 2008 to 2010 Dwight Howard Orlando Magic era? Dwight became bigger than life. He was monster huge. At the time, I only marveled at how massive Dwight Howard had become. His shoulders were boulders and his chest and arms were insane. He was dominating through sheer size.

I was reminded of jacked Dwight Howard yesterday when highlights of Tim Duncan fighting to free himself from Howard surfaced. Tim Duncan’s a very strong player but Dwight was imposing his will physically.

Dwight Howard HGH SteroidsFrom the looks of things, I’ve got to believe Howard is a strong candidate for HGH and steroids. Beyond the unreal muscle mass for a 6-foot-10 individual, what about the circumstantial evidence?

Are you aware that three of Howard’s Orlando Magic teammates have been connected to PEDs? Both Hedo Turkoglu and Rashard Lewis got straight up busted for PEDs. Jameer Nelson has been linked to the same steroids clinic that LeBron James has.

So you naysayers, are you telling me that possibly 25% of the Magic’s roster were steroid users but somehow the Hulk Hogan of them all was busy taking his vitamins and saying his prayers while getting lean and massive like virtually no one else in the history of man?

Six-foot-ten guys packed with layers of muscle but no body fat just don’t exist naturally. The only guy I can think of to compare Dwight Howard to is David Robinson but there’s a couple of key differences.

First, Robinson didn’t have near the brute force Howard does. I think the Admiral was indeed an athletic freak of nature. While he did have the lean muscular physique, he didn’t have the same size or brute strength Howard possesses. From the looks of YouTube videos, Dwight Howard’s max bench press is around 400 pounds. David Robinson never eclipsed 300 pounds.

Secondly, David’s ethics and morals are genuine while Dwight Howard is the kind of guy who pulls his shorts down in front of porn stars. Which one do you think is more likely to look for outside help in athletic performance?

I think Dwight Howard is right there next to LeBron James in the NBA megastars taking steroids or other PEDs. Who knows, maybe he took HGH to help him recover from back surgery.

While we obviously can’t conclude Dwight Howard HGH or steroids use based on circumstantial evidence one way or the other, we should definitely look at today’s sports world with a skeptical eye. Lance Armstrong, Mark McGwire and company have ruined it for all the other athletes.

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  • Adrian Gordon

    without a doubt. Are there any clean athletes anymore. Maybe chess players

    • DavidPickles.

      Yeah sadly there arent anymore clean athlete in all of sports, that includes, basketball, football, boxing, mma, cycling, olympic sports, etc

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