Mitchell Brown, Thunder Ball Boy, Threatens to Kill Patrick Beverley?

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Did Oklahoma City Thunder ball boy Mitchell Brown threaten to kill Patrick Beverley? The evidence doesn’t look good in his favor — but we’ll give the 17-year-old the benefit of the doubt. Here’s how it played out:

1. Patrick Beverley of the Houston Rockets goes for a steal on Russell Westbrook.

2. After a collision, Russell Westbrook injures his knee.

3. It ends up that Russell Westbrook suffered a torn meniscus and might miss the rest of the playoffs.

4. Mitchell Brown’s Twitter account posts this: “Patrick Beverley, I’m coming to kill you.”

5. In response to another tweet, the account then posted this: “he was playing like a spaz. He was all ‘ooh it’s my first game starting! I gotta show out’ screw him!”

6. It didn’t stop there: “Patrick Beverley I’m coming to kill you. #spaz”

7. After stories about this incident started spreading, this was posted on Mitchell Brown’s Twitter: “Yesterday I posted something completely Inappropriate and I need to apologize. I was out of line and it will not happen again.”

8. But, wait, there’s more. All of those posts were deleted (including the apology) and this was then tweeted: “Patrick Beverley, yesterday someone tweeted on my account making a death threat towards you and it wasn’t me. I apologize.”

Yeah, um, I don’t wanna call this kid out but I’ve never seen a hacker post a fake apology. But, again, he’s only 17 so we’ll let it slide. Hopefully he doesn’t lose his Thunder ball boy gig.

Mitchell Brown Thunder Ball Boy

Mitchell Brown Thunder Ball Boy


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  • kwe

    Looks like a fuckin nerd id like to see him try to fight Bev lol

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