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While we don’t know much about Axelle, you can see in the pictures below that she’s extremely hot. One thing we do know about her is that she’s the girlfriend of Tony Parker. And considering she’s the Eva Longoria replacement, it’s not too much of a surprise that she’s sizzling.

Check out the 14 Axelle pics below.

What we do know of her is that she’s French, just like Tony Parker. Her full name is Axelle Francine, however she usually just goes by her first name.

The point guard for the San Antonio Spurs has to be thrilled that this chick stays out of the limelight. After the Eva Longoria disaster, he needed a chick that was more about a relationship than about seeking fame. In that regard, this lady is a great catch.

Here are the 14 Axelle pictures. Be sure that you click “Next” so you can see all 14 of the images.

Axelle Photos

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  • StaciB

    The author of this article is garbage. Really, Eva was stuck on fame? What journalism is that comment based on? She is an actor and an activist not some reality tv star looking for her 15 mins. Furthermore, Parker’s cheating on Eva with several women, including a teammate’s wife, was the undoing of their marriage not Eva’s ambition. Garbage reporting.

    • ChoMama

      She was in every camera shot and ABC went along with it to promote their show, Desperate Housewives(how ironic of the name). And she wasn’t as innocent as you think she was.

  • Jerbear in Texas

    I have to beg to differ, although Eva is an Activist, she is stuck on fame. There’s always to sides to person and some may have three sides. Eva like being in the lime light, she thrives on it even when she is activity in her charity work…it gives her notability. Now on to the photos and this article. Apparently, Tony prefers the company of older women and Latino women at that, because Axelle looks much older than him and she appears to be Latino. :-) As long as he is happy that is all that matters, because he ain’t paying my bills. (LOL)

  • jad

    Eva looks better. Sorry but his current gf looks like a typical Caucasian. How is she hot.

  • Rg

    Tony Parker will always be a cheater.

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