Yvette Prieto Photos – Michael Jordan’s Wife

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Michael Jordan got married over the weekend. The basketball legend’s second wife is named Yvette Prieto and she’s definitely a beauty. The Latina has been with Michael Jordan for years but it wasn’t until Saturday that the knot was tied.

Check out the Yvette Prieto photos below.

Even though she’s been dating one of the most popular people on the planet, not a whole lot is known about her. Everyone close to Michael Jordan says she’s an amazing woman but she doesn’t go out much, isn’t active on social media and doesn’t crave the camera. As a result, we’ve only seen glimpses.

However, now that she has that rock on her finger, maybe she’ll be more daring. Would Michael Jordan let his new wife Yvette Prieto pose nude? Probably not — but we’d all love to see it!

Here are 11 Yvette Prieto pics. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all the images.

Yvette Prieto Photos

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  • B. McCarthy

    I hope she likes those new tits he bought her.

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