Ask a Hot Girl: Rick’s Cabaret New York Girl “Alex”

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The hot girl we’re interviewing today is stunningly sexy — check her 5 pictures below if you don’t believe me. “Alex” is an exotic dancer at Rick’s Cabaret New York and she wasted little time buttering us up.

“I love EveryJoe — I read it every day. I’m so happy to have my pictures on this cool site,” she told us. I think I speak for all of us when I say we’re happy to have you.

Alex added: “And if you want to see more of me, come to Rick’s Cabaret. I would love to dance for you!”

You don’t have to make that offer twice. After I type up this interview, that’s exactly where I’m headed!

EveryJoe: Who are you rooting for in the NBA playoffs?

Alex: The Knicks, of course! Rick’s Cabaret is right down the block from Madison Square Garden and after every game, tons of Knicks fans come here to celebrate. And when the Knicks lose a game, they still come here because what better way to get cheered up than with hot girls taking off their clothes for you!

Oh, and I’ve met some of the Knicks and they are very nice. But I won’t tell you who because we respect everyone’s privacy. But they were very tall — that’s the only clue I will give you!

EveryJoe: If you were mayor of New York, what would be on your political agenda?

Alex: I would eliminate all the bike lanes. They don’t work and they make traffic much worse. And I never, ever see any bikes using them!

EveryJoe: What were you like in high school?

Alex: I was shy. But I have certainly changed. (haha!)

EveryJoe: What’s your one pet peeve about guys that really turns you off?

Alex: Bad breath.

EveryJoe: What’s your favorite restaurant, and what do you order there?

Alex: For a special night out: Nobu. It’s awesome. Spinach Wrapped Sea Urchin, Rock Shrimp Tempura. But, don’t forget, after you have a meal you have to use a breath mint!

For a regular night out: A juicy hamburger at Legends — but I have to share it with someone because it’s too big!

At work: Rick’s Cabaret has a great restaurant on the second floor and it’s always busy with Wall Street guys ordering big steaks. But the chef also makes low-calorie and healthier plates for us girls. My favorite is Grilled Chicken with Lemon and Black Pepper.

Alex from Rick's Cabaret New York

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Rick’s Cabaret New York
*** Over 100 Showgirls Daily
*** Three Floors of Luxury
*** VIP Private Suites, Deluxe Sky Boxes
*** Full Menu Steakhouse, Open Late
*** Roof Deck Cigar Lounge and Garden
*** Businessmen’s Lunch Special
*** Weekend Brunch
*** Home of the new “Midday” Bachelor Parties

Images courtesy of Rick’s Cabaret New York

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