More Stephen Rankin Snake Bite Photos – Bear Grylls’ Producer

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    Yesterday, we saw the original Steve Rankin snake bite picture. Now we present you 9 photos in total — including the one from yesterday. And, again, we must warn you about the disgusting nature of what you are about to see. If you have a weak stomach, you shouldn’t scroll down.

    Steve Rankin is a Bear Grylls produce on the Man vs. Wild show. He got bit by a Fer de Lance snake — a pit viper with deadly poison — and it took him two hours to get to a hospital. While his foot is in terrible shape, it appears as if it has been saved. The latest development is a gnarly looking skin graft.

    We wish you a speedy recovery, man. And stay away from snakes.

    Here are the 9 Stephen Rankin photos of the snake bite. Be sure to click “Next” if you have the intestinal fortitude needed to see each image.

    Stephen Rankin Snake Bite - Shortly After Bite

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      • Fuck you

        This is not 9 photos of the foot. It’s a few and the rest are bullshit pictures of him standing there and a few tweets.

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