Did Spider Bite Kill Slayer’s Jeff Hanneman?

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    Best known as a Slayer founding member, Jeff Hanneman has died at age 49 after apparent complications related to a spider bite. He was a rhythm guitarist for the legendary band whose musical influence was mostly in punk music. He also wrote a number of tracks for Slayer. Check out the 6 Jeff Hanneman pictures below to remember the fallen thrash metal superstar.

    Officially, he died of liver failure. However, back in 2011, Jeff Hanneman got bit by a spider and was eventually diagnosed with necrotizing fasciitis. Speculation is that the necrotizing fasciitis played a role in the failure of his liver, however his family hasn’t yet confirmed this detail.

    No matter how he died, this is a very sad day. R.I.P.

    Here are the 6 Jeff Hanneman photos:

    Jeff Hanneman Photos

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