Miley Cyrus Sizzles in V Magazine

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Miley Cyrus is getting more and more daring. She’s quickly shedding her nice image and is become a full grown woman before our very eyes. And honestly, I’m not mad. At all.

As you can see in the 9 Miley Cyrus pics for V Magazine below, she was nude in many of the pics outside of a piece of cloth here and a prop there. These are truly some of the most must-see images of the year — especially if you are a fan.

And let’s not forget about V Magazine. Give the mag a round of applause for wooing her clothes off. In fact, I urge you to preorder V83 because that’s where all the juiciest shots are sure to show up.

Here are the 9 Miley Cyrus pictures. Make sure to click “Next” to see all nine!

Miley Cyrus in V Magazine

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  • Mac Daddy

    would have been much better if they wouldn’t have made her look like a dude.

  • Jay Nina

    found the nudes at

  • puzzailsignorvincenzo

    Ma non si intravvede neppuranchesso la buca della fregna (o spacca, o bernarda).

  • Sara Parker

    new leaked vodeo

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