Gretchen Crooks was Murdered by Son Following Attempted Rape

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This story out of Iowa might win the award for the most disturbing crime of the year. Allegedly, Gretchen Crooks was killed by her 13-year-old son. And it get’s worse: He killed her after he attempted to rape his own mother. There’s even a 911 tape in which the young teenager admits several times to the attempted rape and the subsequent rifle blast that killed her.

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The 13-year-old son is currently on trial and is facing multiple charges, including murder. The 911 call, which lasted approximately 10 minutes, is a damning piece of evidence. In fact, his defense attorney is attempting to go the “temporarily insane” route instead of fighting the timeline of the actual events.

From all reports, there was never any violence in the household, while friends, family and neighbors are beyond shocked at what transpired.

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  • Yakonus Amin

    Any crime scene pictures of the mother?

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    I hope the boy should die painfully :D

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