Plenty of Fish Horror Story – What Went Wrong?

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Before reading any of this, you have to read my original Plenty of Fish dating story to get the background information.

And now for the conclusion …

So we’re dry humping as hard as humanly possible when I start realizing this might get her. She was completely beside herself, moaning and increasingly shuttering so I kept at whatever the hell I was doing: basically pushing up against her hard.

There was some pain on my part but nothing I couldn’t withstand. I wasn’t going to get anything more out of it but I wanted to get her.

Within 30 seconds, she reached that Rocky Mountain High as she released what appeared to be a lot of pent up sexual frustration. (I later realized the walls on this lower end apartment were paper thin. Her neighbors had to have been lying in bed with their eyes wide open.)

She asked me if I wanted to stay the night and, at this point, I really didn’t see why not — so I did. Between then and morning, I hit a triple three separate times, making her climax each time.

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In the morning hours, we held each other closely and cuddled for at least an hour. We made plans for a second date of visiting the museum that afternoon and me possibly staying over if I felt like it.

After a five hour break, we were at the museum where I pretended to give a damn about culture and history. (Actually, I do kind of like that stuff but, at that moment, I could have cared less.)

Given what had happened the previous night, all I could think about was having sex with her. I had brought six condoms (one and a backup for each occasion anticipated) and was ready for an amazing night.

Back to the date, we finished at the museum and then hit up dinner and had desert. We went back to her place and finished up Sherlock Holmes and talked a little bit before bedtime rolled around.

Now came the main event. The moment I had been waiting for. I was envisioning me at the plate, walloping easy pitches far over the left field fence over and over again.

When it came time for bed, there was no sexy apparel – just a t-shirt and long pajama shorts. Well, whatever, they’d be off in a second so it didn’t matter anyways.

After a little holding and kissing, she turned and yawned deeply.

Uh oh. That’s not good.

pof horror story

She then said: “What time do you want to wake up?”

What was going on? My night had gone from slam dunk to clown college in a matter of seconds. I was instantly depressed but allowed myself the consolation prize of morning sex.

“Oh well,” I thought, “At least there’s morning. She’s probably just tired.”

Morning comes and she has to be somewhere at 11. She doesn’t wake up until 9 which gave me virtually nothing to work with. Not that she acted interested at all.

WTF happened?

I went from making her shudder and scream to getting shut out in the Home Run Derby the next day. I mean completely shut out. She had just pitched no-hitter on me. I got nothing but a few seconds of kissing.

The only conclusion I could arrive at was I was in the middle of the Bermuda Triangle of girl mind games. She knew what I would be expecting and acted like I was her grandma visiting for the night.

Welcome to the wild world of Plenty of Fish online dating. Great isn’t it?

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  • PlayitSafe

    There are warning flags you should definitely pay attention to. Like be aware when you date a single divorced mother, some are real desperate and they’ll change everything about themselves just to be with you. Her being an only child too made it more difficult for her to hide her narcissistic and spoiled personality away from R’s friends. On profile they look fun and in the beginning they are but after 8 months, she was anything but that. She was sad most of the time and was sad over nothing. Christmas and New Year was ruined because R wasted his time having to cheer her up. She said she lost the spirit of Christmas this year and is so terribly upset. So listen to your friends, you might be caught up in her web of lies but your friends care more about you than some girl you will ever meet on POF.

  • IMadeItOutAlive

    I’m new to the online dating world and I have to say after first my experience, make sure their mental stable before introducing them to your family and friends. I haven’t had a relationship in 7 years, I’ve gone out with a few but not made anyone my girlfriend. So I decided to put myself out there and try this online dating.

    My first POF date turned into a 8 month relationship. Here’s what’s wrong about it. In the beginning we hit it off, she turned out to be everything I was looking for in a partner. We shared the same stories, both had the same background and liked the same things. Too perfect of a match. We did a lot of things and went to a lot of places. I thought I really found the one. She’s 11 years younger than me and has a teenage son. Looks are not that important to me, neither is their weight. Financially she can take care of herself and seemed very independent. I really enjoyed both her and her son company. It wasn’t until she made contact with my family and friends were the problems started happening. My 50th birthday was coming around and she got an idea to throw me a surprise party. She gone through my phone and got an invite list together from my facebook.

    Now she knew that every year me and two of my buddies celebrate our birthdays together at our favorite bar. All of our friends come and its the biggest get together throughout the entire year. Done that for 25 years, it a tradition we’ve always kept. Well she decided to throw this surprise party the same night as the bar party. My plans for the evening was to have dinner with her and then both of us go to my bar party to join my friends. Well the night was set I was surprised at her house with my family there. Only a few of my friends showed up but left early to go to the bar. I ended up not joining my friends at the bar breaking the 25 year tradition. I thought it was a nice gesture that she went through all the trouble to throw me a surprise party. My brother catered the party and did a wonderful job and my parents paid for the food. I later found out that she had made a deal with them that she’ll be in charge of getting the alcohol. Well the day of the party she sent out a message for everyone to b.y.o.b. because she doesn’t drink alcohol. I’ll get back to that part later. My friends later told me that they had contacted her telling her to change the day of the party, that it would break their tradition and they couldn’t have one without me. She snapped at them being really rude and hostile towards them. I didn’t believe them when they told me because there is no way she’s like that. She’s small, tiny and also very sweet. Back to my the other story, After the party she had sent everyone a thank you for coming text, that the surprise party was a huge success.Well the following weekend we went out of town, had a great time, went to a local bar and took a couple of shots. I guess that pissed off a lot of people because she sent a text to everyone to b.y.o.b because she didn’t drink. The pictures of that weekend shows her taking shots with me at the bar. More and more stories were getting to me about her being really rude also aggressive towards my friends and family. She made an awful comment to my daughter n law. Telling her that she wishes I was a little more tougher with my clients, saying I should charge them more, so I can work a lot less, to have more time to spend with her. My daughter n law corrected her, saying that I’m a honest man and that I charge my clients what’s fair and that’s why I have so much work, because of my honest reputation. After she told her this,she quickly left and found me outside wanting to go home. Time have gone by and more and more of her personality started changing. What I thought was loving and sweet turned out to be overbearing and smothering. Possessiveness is what it really was and she had emotional mood swings or breakdowns. I always had to cheer her up and what I now know, it was all for attention. She wanted to get married and for me to move in with her. It’s only been 5 months and I’m starting to see a different side of her that I don’t like. She’s always documenting everything we do on Facebook including our sex life. My parents see that and also the rest of my family. What really made up my mind about her was all my daughter n law’s help. She made contact with her wanting to smooth things out because she’d been starting wars with everybody.

    Well that made her true self come out she responded in a way that I could only label it as a psychotic mental patient. She saw my daughter n law as a threat to her plan, on having some sort of future with me. She called my mother and said my daughter n law was bullying her but my mother read the contact message and found nothing wrong with it. Call me an idiot as you will but I’m not a mean guy I still stayed with her a little bit afterwards because I’m thinking she’s still that person I met in the beginning. Meanwhile my daughter n law contacted her ex boyfriend who’s also a friend from high school and told him the problems we were having. He says that’s typical behavior of hers. She wants a man all to herself and will do just about anything to drive the people, that are the closest to me, away. Including my son and daughter n law. Another incident happened between her and my daughter n law but this time I caught that women lying to me about it. Ever since the first incident my daughter n law opened a facebook account to get in touch with that ex boyfriend. Well she saw that she had pictures of her kids up on her facebook, meaning she had pictures of my grandkids on her facebook. So my daughter n law report the photos to facebook, any pictures of children 13 and younger, will be taken down by the request of the parent. Thats is what she did but that made that women have another psychotic meltdown. She said my daughter n law had made threats towards her on Facebook and now she’s going to have my daughter n law reported. She calls my mother again and said the same thing. But my mother knows better from the first incident not to believe anything this women says. That’s when I knew this person is really not the person who I met in the beginning. I think I’ll start looking for normal women thee old fashion way.

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