10 Pamela Bryant Photos – Kobe Bryant’s Mom is Hot and Mad

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More info is coming out regarding why Pamela Bryant put up her son’s memorabilia for auction. According to reports, Kobe Bryant’s mom is mad that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar won’t buy her a nice home in Las Vegas, Nevada. These latest events have caused even more strain on the relationship of this family.

(Scroll down and see the 10 Pamela Bryant pictures. She’s extremely hot for her age — and she looks like someone you wouldn’t want to anger!)

After Kobe Bryant purchased a home worth several million dollars for his mother-in-law, his own mom apparently wanted a similar home. Instead, the Lakers guard offered to buy his mom a reasonable home — but nowhere near the million dollar mark. That apparently wasn’t good enough so his memorabilia ended up in an auction house.

Personally, I can see where Kobe Bryant’s mother is coming from. Her son has made around $300 million as a basketball player. He has bought other family members gigantic homes. You’d think he’d do the same for his own mom — but apparently not.

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Pamela Bryant Photos

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  • Lloyd Christmas

    Pamela Bryant is crazy. Now she’s trying to auction off all Kobe’s sports memorabilia. You know you’re loony when money has you in court against your child fighting for rights to sell his/her stuff. Lose the headbands they are constricting your intellect!

  • 2real

    Why not buy the house for his mother. He purchased one for his mother-in-law which is not his mother at all. Of course, she shouldn’t have wanted to auction off her son things. She’s probably really hurt by him telling her no that she can’t get a million dollar home when he purchased one for his wife mother. It seems like he’ll do anything for wife’ mother but not his own. It’ sad that a lot of pro black athletics marry a different heritage and do the same thing as Kobe did to his mother. I hope they can resolve the issue and forgive each other cause in the end both were wrong if you look at the big picture.

    • angel g

      i agree. why is it that kobe will do anything for his mother in law. does his wife have him so whipped that he doesn’t appreciate the fact that his mother gave birth to him and he curses her while blesses the day his wifes mother gave birth to her. I don’t understand it. its not an unreasonable request. I am sorry but if he really loved his mother he would not hesitate. I love my parents and I would spend every last dime on them before I spent on my in-laws. if my husband wanted to spend his money on his parents I would understand.
      I think its disgusting that he has his mother feeing as if she had to sell his stuff in order to be feel good. I would expect her to feel strange that her own son would treat her in such a manner. its as if kobe is trying to hard to please his wifes family because he cheated on her. kobe, if she really loves you she will forgive you and the money wouldn’t matter, you don’t have to buy her family’s affection or love. well or maybe you know that you do!

  • Lou

    I wouldn’t mind if she was mad at me. She could spank me and make me do nasty things for her.

  • Roger Simmons
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