Vanilla Chamu Transforms from Japanese to French

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In one of the most shocking plastic surgery results you’ll ever see, Vanilla Chamu was able to transform from a Japanese lady to a French doll. After nearly three dozen surgeries, the results are stunning. And she says she’s not done yet!

Look below for the amazing Vanilla Chamu before and after pictures.

While I typically don’t approve of chicks who are obviously ashamed of the gifts they were born with, I find it difficult to hate on this specific girl. She had a goal in mind — and she went out and accomplished it. However, she says she is going to have more plastic surgery, which could very well undo the quality results she has seen so far.

I’m not sure why Vanilla Chamu wants to look like a porcelain doll but thanks to work on her eyelids, nose, face, chest and more, she did it.

Here are the 9 Vanilla Chamu pics. Be sure to click “Next” to see each of the 9 jaw-dropping images!

Vanilla Chamu Photos

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  • Sarah Hildebrand


    • Suzana

      ugh. I’m not even Asian and that’s insulting. Evolution will happen when we self-actualize, not chase ideals. I hope you were being sarcastic.

  • Good Stuff

    Meet Wang Jia Yun 王嘉韻/王嘉韵 A new human doll has joined the ranks of Internet Girls who look as if they are made of plastic. Wang Jia Yun was instantly labeled as the live action blow-up doll (充气娃娃).

  • Gina Arauz

    Wait, so it’s OK for Asian girls to hate themselves and look like whitewashed freaks, but it’s astoundingly offensive when Michael Jackson had too many nose jobs and a very real skin disorder? Double standard, anyone?

    So… what happens when she has kids and they oddly look f–king Japanese? Not hard to figure out what kind of guy she’ll marry.

    • DaRon J

      however it is not about being white washed. she has deep psychological trauma maybe similar to MJ with being bullied and being told she was ugly every day not only in school by her classmates but also by her family and she had this french doll when she was little and she wished she could look like the doll it really has little to do with looking white so much as it does looking like her doll from when she was little. It was very sad watching her story and watching her go under the knife you could see how disturbed she was.

    • Sarah Hildebrand

      It’s funny how you tried to bring (American) racial politics into this. No one ever said self-hatred or white-worship is okay. The only “double standard” is in your imagination.

      Over there in Japan, the TV viewers just think she’s unusual and she needs psychological help. The reaction was mostly one of shock, not approbation.

      Of course, her current looks won’t be passed on to her children. I don’t think she needs you to remind her of that.

  • Duey

    “IF” she reproduces, her kids will still look asian… she gonna have them operated on too?

    • Sarah Hildebrand

      Plastic surgeons will starve if their work can be passed on genetically to the next generation.

    • Name

      I highly doubt she can reproduce, she went through a lot of surgeries…even if she does…she will have miscarriage.

  • 1558

    As terrifying as her plastic surgery is, I don’t think it’s okay to say as a whole that Asian girls who get plastic surgery are white-washing themselves. Unless they actually are, then all the power to them. But either way, 10/10, about as ignorant as Tyra is on the issue.
    An Asian changing their eye shape is no more white washing than someone with Afro hair wearing a lacefront, or an Irish person getting their jaw shaved so it’s thinner, or even chopping off the tip of their second toe to get the more visually appealing ‘Egyptian’ toes. Last one was a bit extreme, but changing what commonly makes people recognize you as a race, doesn’t make you any less Hispanic/Asian/African/Indian/Caucasian.
    Everyone wants to be their own definition of pretty, and some others are simply followers. Hell, the reason Korea is basically the #1 in the amount of plastic people is because all the Korean pop stars are ‘Ulzzangs’. They have fair skin, large eyes, thin noses, heart shaped faces, and small, full lips. While, most girls over in the US get plastic surgery to look like our pop stars or, just our definition of a 10/10. (Which seems to be curvy bodies and strong faces. Quite the opposite of most Asian definition.) Half of the time all in vanity, it’s people wanting to be higher than the average. But the other half is girls wanting to look like other girls because they think that maybe other people will notice them. Of course, there always will be girls who want to look like the average Italian girl, or in this case, a French doll, and so they get surgeries to look like them. But I don’t consider that white-washing, I consider that in need of some counseling or therapy first to see if it’s because they want to, or because they aren’t happy with who they are inside. Knives can’t just cut out low self-esteem.

    Btw, she looks like Fran from American Dad now. With balloon boobs.

  • Rahouba94

    She is very lucky!!!

  • Sacheverelle

    Julianne Moore must be really creeped out.

  • GreenEyedBlonde

    She looks disgusting and NOTHING at all like a French doll! She looks like an Asian who just wants to be like one of us whites. Too bad for her, she’ll always be Asian, yellow skin and Asian blood forever, She will NEVER be white, and I think there should be a huge billboard poster down every street in every yellow country reminding these yellow Asians that they will NEVER be white like their Caucasian superiors. Let them know that they’ll always be Asian.


      U know what? FUCK YOU and your WHITE SUPERIORITY.

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