Justin Bieber Dubai Attack Video in Abu Dhabi

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Reports are surfacing of a Justin Bieber attack in Dubai. An Abu Dhabi report says that a young man in jeans and a light shirt sprinted at the pop star while he was on the piano. The result was a toppled piano and security running onto the stage to address the situation.

Is Justin Bieber hurt? We don’t know as of yet. I assume not because that would be the main part of this story — but I haven’t seen confirmation either way.

Here is another video of the Justin Bieber attack in Dubai:

Do you have any more information about what happened to Justin Bieber in Abu Dhabi? Please let us all know by commenting below. Thanks in advance!

justin bieber attacked in dubai

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  • Nicole

    The guy ran on stage while justin was singing believe at the piano… Went to grab home but security got him and Justin ran to side of stage and kept performing. The fan knocked over the grand piano before getting nabbed. Justin didn’t get hurt!

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