Ariel Castro, Arrested in Cleveland Kidnappings, Wrote an Article About the Abductions

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Ariel Castro is the 52-year-old man who was arrested today after allegedly kidnapping and then holding Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight captive in his basement in Cleveland for a decade. In a weird twist, it looks like Castro was actually a reporter who wrote an article in the Plain Press about the DeJesus case back in 2004.

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A cached version of the article has been found online and can be viewed through this link: Gina DeJesus’ disappearance has changed her neighborhood. You can see a screen cap of parts of the article below.

Ariel Castro Arrested

The Plain Press is the community newspaper serving the west side neighborhoods of Cleveland.

This abduction story is still breaking and is sure to get much more interesting when we begin to hear the stories from Berry, DeJesus, Knight and anyone else who was kidnapped and held captive by Ariel Castro.

Click here for pictures of Amanda Berry or here for Gina DeJesus pics.

Update: Allegedly, Ariel Castro’s son wrote the article. Still weird, no?

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Ariel Castro

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Credit: Ariel Castro's Facebook

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  • CJK

    that is beyond messed up. but if you think about it. makes sense. people who do these things love to be right in the middle of whats going on.

  • Elise

    What a creep!

  • Evan Lips

    This is false. But not entirely un-weird. Ariel “Anthony” Castro – the son of the accused – wrote this story, while a Bowling Green State University student.

    • Jas Cleveland

      Evan there was a story saying Ariel used his middle name “Anthony” online to throw everyone off.

  • alaya

    Desgraciao. perro susio. que le hagan pagar todo lo que hiso

  • Woo in my Woooo

    That dude is sick. I hope when they get to jail they cut the penises off of all those brothers. To have the audacity to write that story when you are the hostage holder… I mean that just warrants a big FU. I bet he was laughing his butt off to after writing that story and seeing it published. Well, let’s see how much he laughs now after they put some red Kool Aid on his lips to make him be the girl in prison. I try to be a forgiving person, but this one is hard. Just glad the girls are alive.

    • Rezeya Montecore

      “That dude is sick.”

      “I hope when they get to jail they cut the penises off of all those brothers.”

      Just… take a moment to ponder the contrast between those two sentences.

      Cognitive dissonance is a scary, scary thing.

    • Woo in my Woooo

      Yes,they are sick. Yes I hope they get punished. Yes I hope they cut off his member and his brothers. I don’t see what the problem is Rez. You do a bad thing you pay the consequences. And maybe if they started castrating these child molesters and rapist, we’d have a lot less of both out on the street today.

      Same thing with someone breaking and entering your home. You break into my home don’t expect me to make you milk and cookies. I guess I’m sick for wishing bad things on people who actually commit evil deeds. Guilty.

      And Hooray Red Stripe to you for using a big word in the comments section.

      I’m disinclined to acquiesce to your presumption of my observation, In layman’s terms, I don’t think it’s irrational to have violent criminals severely punished for their actions.

  • $ED▲

    hes gonna get fucked up in jail

  • Analyst

    This does make sense. It reminds me of the march organized only a few days after Australia’s Jill Meagher was kidnapped and murdered. The march was organized by a guy who was notorious for bondage photography. One wonders if there was a connection somehow. Ditto the “Rest in Peace” graffiti.

  • Melowrain

    This was NOT written by the suspect. It was written by his son while in college. Fact check FAIL

  • kmfmstar

    I’m sure more disturbing details will emerge later. I’m glad in the end the women are safe with their families and are recovering from their ordeals. However, this story points to the sorry state of police and investigator protections that our tax dollars pay for. Remember Jaycee Dugard? If the caseworker had looked in the backyard she would have been discovered in 5 minutes. Remember Gary Heidnik? The cops went to his house because the neighbors reported a “foul odor” and he told them he burned a roast. AND THEY LEFT!!!! One of my clients who used to be a DCF caseworker told me that it took 6 workers over a year to take a grandmother’s report seriously that her daughter and kids were held captive by her husband. Why? Because everyone who went to the house said it was boarded up! OF COURSE. That’s what the grandmother was reporting. My God, the laziness is astounding. I have been reporting my granddaughters parents admitting they drug her with oxy and Xanax. They have both tested +, are known drug addicts and dealers and what do I get? Abuse and threats from police and DCF. They don’t want to do their jobs, which would close the case, get my daughter and her boyfriend into treatment and save my granddaughter within a week. No, they’d rather justify doing nothing. Attack and blame the reporter instead. This has gone on for over a year. I don’t know how damaged my precious grandchild is or if she will ever be normal. And when these sadistic pigs (I include the parents and the authorities) discover they have killed her, everyone will run for cover and say she “fell through the cracks” or was “overlooked” or some such crap. The sad thing is she’s far from alone.
    We are paying for this. Sad. Pathetic.
    Please sign and share.

    • MikeHunt

      This is why there should be a lot more tracking dogs available to the police forces all over the world.
      The dogs surely would have found these wmen- or at least one of them. Same with Jaycee. And who knows how many other missing people.
      Instead f blowing money on appeals and psychatric counselling, and other niecities for lifers, and making nice for immigrants we an’t support without putting a real citizen out of a job, spend more on training tracking dogs.
      Heck, there are a lot of shelter dogs on doggie death row who could do the job- you don’t need an expensive, pedigreed dog . . .

  • Tonya Mamabear Gaines

    He deserves to die slowly or better yet let the families of these girls take care of him & the other 2 !!

  • Matt_Barker

    From the Plain Press web site:

    The Ariel Castro that wrote the article for the Plain Press was a student at BGSU. He is much younger than the Ariel Castro arrested for the kidnapping.

    Sara Shookman of WKYC (Channel 3 News) contacted me to confirm that the younger Ariel Castro did write for the Plain Press at the time. She says she was in contact with him and he is the son of one of the persons arrested for the kidnapping.

    Chuck Hoven

    Managing Editor

    Plain Press

    (So this article is wrong.)

  • Grandma

    Still Really Really strange that the son who was away at college would pick that subject for a report. Not something the average teen/twenty boy would pick as a subject for a report. Something not right….

  • Terri

    The story was written as the news was breaking. That’s why it says it “looks like” Castro wrote it. (And they added an update to say it was the son) To me, it’s still weird that his son wrote such a thing… or maybe not since it was such a big story there.

  • Liv

    well gina was with ariels daughter the night it happened she knew him personally. His daughter was the girl who was suppose to spend the night over her house. so yes he hand picked her. not sure about the other girls. But what kills me is that he has a wife and three kids including 5 grad kids nobody peeped this..? his one daughter is in jail the other moved out the state and changed her name (suspect) and the son ironically wrote an article in a paper about her

  • lover of peace and security

    We need harsh punishment in this country for the sex offenders. If they hang some of them, it will be a good lesson for others. Some sex offenders love to be in the prison, because their food is ready and they can have fun with the rest of the mate who had done the same sheet. Government has to change the law……

  • inmyopinion

    It’s not as coincidental as it initially appears. Gina DeJesus was close friends with Anthony Castro’s sister Arlene. Arlene was walking with Gina prior to her disappearance. So Anthony’s family was connected to Gina’s family, it makes sense for him to write about it.

    From Ariel’s side, he picked his daughter’s friend to be his victim. Not uncommon for a kidnapper.

    I will give Anthony the benefit of the doubt. He supposedly had a broken relationship with his father Ariel, so he had no idea what he was up to. I’m sure the FBI will be combing all of Anthony’s prior communications, and they’ll find emails or phone calls if Anthony knew anything. Until then, I’m going to give him the presumption of innocence.

  • oakmont18

    All the talk about gun laws after a tragedy……………… where did Castro come from and has he always been a citizen? If not, in the wake of OBLAMO and liberals to gain 11 million new votes……. I mean legalize 11 million ILLEGALs,…. and NOBODY in the media or Society is talking about this. You might also want to look up crime stats on illegals!!!! Does anyone get my point!!!

    • KayInMaine

      Reagan legalized 4 million illegals. Where was your outrage?

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