Amanda Berry Found Alive After 10 Years

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Wow, this might be the story of the year. After being missing for ten years following a presumed kidnapping — since April of 2003 — Amanda Berry has been found alive in Cleveland, Ohio. She was discovered with at least two other missing people. Check out the 7 Amanda Berry photos below to see the girl who was last seen when she was 16 years old.

Today the 27-year-old is on the way home. She’s being checked out in a hospital but she’ll no longer be kept prisoner. I’m just flabbergasted by this story — and thrilled for her, her family, her friends and everyone who never gave up hope.

As for the person or persons who committed the kidnapping, we have no details yet. That said, you can bet we’ll be hearing a lot more about this story.

Here are the 7 Amanda Berry images:

Amanda Berry Photos

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