Shocking New Way Cowards Assault Women

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If there’s one thing we don’t put up with at EveryJoe, it’s woman-beaters. We have a zero tolerance policy towards those cowards. Unfortunately, cowards are getting more brazen with their actions. See the 8 Latishia Sanchez pictures below to see what I’m talking about.

This 20-year-old beauty from Albuquerque got raped six years ago by her boyfriend and four other men. Following the sexual assault, the cowards tattooed one of the men’s name on the then 14-year-old’s neck. This type of tattoo branding is becoming more and more popular among cowards — and it’s something that really needs to stop. The punishments should be swift and harsh for any man who is found to have committed this heinous act.

Thankfully, there are heroes out there like Dawn Maestas. She is a tattoo removal expert in New Mexico who removes these branding tattoos free of charge. Latishia Sanchez is currently getting her tattoo removed and is overjoyed with the results thus far.

“I got so happy I started crying,” Sanchez told CBS.

We salute Dawn Maestas for helping in this cause. We thank Latishia Sanchez for sharing her story. And we hope that our readers will Like this page on Facebook or Tweet about it on Twitter to help spread the word. Hopefully free tattoo removal in this type of situation becomes commonplace.

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Latishia Sanchez

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  • Locotx

    Whatever, she knew she was hanging around thugs, did she think they were going to treat her like a lady? Geez, tired of women hanging around losers and then they call themselves the “victim”

  • jason

    look at the way she is dressed in all of her pictures her boobs are half way out what do you expect

  • ferdterguson

    lotsa cleavage.

  • Yeah but…

    That duckface was a bit inapropriate…

    • the fiance

      For your infornation most if not all of these pictures were aquired off the internet . From whatever they. Could find by looking up her name . None were directly taken for this or any other websites .

  • Ashamed male

    Why dont some men just leave women alone,i hate seeing this type of stuff

    • The Truth IsIn Logic

      Pussy feels good.

  • Actually

    uhhhh actually she used to be my friend and she did the tattoo herself… i talked to her like a week after she did it. She wasn’t raped by 5 men. Her and her boyfriend did it together with her cousins there. Maybe if someone tried contacting her ex Aaron they would find out that this story of hers is bull. This doesn’t seem out of character for her to make up a story like this tho ha

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