Mikey Adler Laughs Off Shark Bite

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Give credit to Mikey Adler: He’s handling this really well. The 16-year-old who suffered a shark bite over the weekend while surfing in Florida is all smiles — and is even able to joke about it on Twitter. Check out the 7 Mikey Adler pictures below to see the gruesome injuries he suffered.

Experts say it was a bull shark that attacked the teenager. He was visiting Melbourne Beach and was in the water for approximately two hours prior to the incident. Amazingly, he says that the bite itself didn’t hurt much.

After he got back to dry land, a heroic passerby wrapped up Mikey Adler’s bloody leg and stopped the blood loss. Doctors credit that move as being the main reason why the 16-year-old should make a full recovery within two months.

Here are the 7 Mikey Adler shark bite pics. Be sure to click “Next” to see all seven images! Please be warned that some of the pictures are extremely graphics.

Mikey Adler Shark Bite Photos

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