Blueprint Files for 3D Printed Handgun to be Released Today

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Mon, May 6 - 10:26 am EDT | 5 years ago by
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Get prepared for the controversy that will swirl later today. will allow you to download blueprint files for the world’s first 3D printed handgun. In other words, with a 3D printer, you’ll be able to create a weapon in your own home. Shocking!

Check out the 9 3D printed handgun pics below.

Defense Distributed is calling this weapon the “Liberator”. The handgun has 16 parts — 15 of which can be 3D printed. The final part is metal but it also is non-functional so, in reality, you can hypothetically create a weapon that has deadly force but can’t be spotted using a metal detector.

Politicians and law enforcement officials are scrambling to block the blueprint files from being available for download. However, it looks like they’re too late.

Here are the 9 images of this revolutionary weapon. Click “Next” to see all nine pics!

3D Printed Handgun

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