8 Pedro Castro Photos – Alleged Cleveland Kidnapper Deserves Death Penalty

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I’m not sure which of the Castro brothers I respect least right now — but Pedro Castro is making a strong case for himself. In a shocking clip, the alleged kidnapper from Cleveland said that searching for Amanda Berry was a waste of money. As we now know, he probably had the inside scoop for why that was a true statement.

Check out the 8 Pedro Castro pictures below and be prepared to be sickened.

He has been arrested; you can see his mugshot below. It’ll be really interesting to see what type of charges he ends up getting. Personally, if this guy is guilty of what is being alleged, I wouldn’t shed a tear if he received the death penalty. Do you agree? Like this page of Facebook if you hold the same opinion.

Here are the 8 Pedro Castro images. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all the disgusting details. At the end, we included the unbelievable clip of him talking about why searching for the girls wasn’t worth the money.

Pedro Castro

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  • Puzzled

    Why are you still ragging on this guy. He apparently got busted for being in the same place as his brother when the cops showed up. Out of what appears to be just spite they are still holding him on some old misdemeaner charges. They had plenty of time to arraign him on those charges after they arrested him but failed to do it so now he gets to spend more time in jail while they finally get their act together. People like you that encourage the villification of people just because they are related to evil doers are no better than the criminals themselves in my opinion.

  • http://www.facebook.com/bigjockknewFTP Alan Douglas

    You’ve made a complete fool of yourself. Well done.

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