Wade Robson Sues the Michael Jackson Estate

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Even though Michael Jackson is dead, that doesn’t mean his legal problems are over. Wade Robson, who spent a lot of time with the King of Pop as a kid, is reportedly claiming he was molested. To make things right in his eyes, he’s filing a lawsuit with the goal of getting money from the estate of Michael Jackson. If his allegations are genuine, he’s making the right move.

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Since his time with MJ, he has grown up to make a name of himself. He’s a dance choreographer who has worked with a number of huge stars and has appeared on numerous television shows.

Notably, eight years ago Wade Robson went on record during a trial to deny that MJ had ever done anything inappropriate. His story has now obviously changed.

Let’s hope the truth can emerge and justice will prevail. Here are the 9 Wade Robson images. Be sure to click “Next” to see all nine.

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