Blake Lively Takes Pics of Herself

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An EveryJoe reader emailed me these alleged Blake Lively selfies today. I think they might be old — and I’m not sure they’re actually her — but they’re new to me and they might be new to you. That’s what’s important. The more skin we see from this beauty, the better.

Blake Lively is routinely named one of the most sought after women on the planet. From her perfect face to toned body to bountiful chest to endless legs, she’s definitely a 10 out of 10.

These pics, which may have been leaked, are extra special because they are selfies. We don’t have to worry about professional camera tricks or anything deceptive — this is just her. Oh, and being nude helps take these shots to another level.

Here are the 7 photos I’m talking about. Make sure that you hit “Next” in order to see all seven!

Blake Lively

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  • Mstrdiver

    I don’t know who decided to share these photos with the public at large, but may I lead the way in thanking them? Ms. Lively is a very attractive woman and I can certain appreciate her very shapely form. Thanks so very much.

    • mamiama


  • michael

    Blake needs to get her glutes in better shape. Maybe some yoga, jogging, swimming, or Pilates might help. I hate to see a woman with beauty like hers only to have it ruined with a saggy butt.

  • Johnathan Jingley Jones

    Lol why would you fucking post nude photos and then censor the parts that people are here to see? What a joke.

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