Jeff Bliss Goes Off, Legendary Duncanville Video is Born

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A frustrated student at Duncanville High School in Texas went off on his teacher. The student who stars in this epic video rant has been identified by fellow students as Jeff Bliss. You have to admit that the student makes a lot of great points during the video:

Jeff Bliss is apparently mad that the teacher just hands the kids a packet of work and does nothing else to help the students learn. While trying to make the point that the teacher needs to try to spark an interest in the students, he gets kicked out of class.

Let’s hope he doesn’t face much punishment. Begging to be taught shouldn’t be frowned upon. Sure, he was demonstrative — but he was trying to make a point. And, in my opinion, he succeeded.

Props to you, Jeff Bliss. Keep striving to learn.

And to Duncanville High School, you need to either give your teachers more tools to actually teach or replace the teachers.

Here are 6 Jeff Bliss photos. Be sure to click “Next” in order to see all the images. (Edit: We found another one — it’s 7 now!)

Jeff Bliss Duncanville Photos

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  • Anon

    He has good tastes in anime. He probably has a waifu. Just sayin’

    • Rusty Shackleford

      Don’t we all?

  • soapie

    this kid is amazing. Brighten my mind.

  • Joseph Gillock

    This kid would deserves a medal and the teacher needs to clean up her act he is right and alot of teachers are doing this and our education is failing because of it. its not the kids not wanting to learn its the teachers not delivery the necessary push that makes them want to learn its not about hours of homework its about quality teaching while the children are in the teachers presence

  • Heather Hau

    You go man tell that bitch how it is.

  • Christian Ashlar

    Julie Phung should be FIRED! End of story.

    • saxmaniac100

      The ISD doesn’t have to re-new her contract.

  • D Knight

    I commend this young man….My daughter is in the
    5th grade and she mentioned to me that only about 4 students passed
    their Star testing in one of the teachers classes because she doesn’t
    TEACH…She’s pretty much like this teacher in that she will hand them a
    packet or piece of paper to work on, while she sits back in her
    chair…Where are they recruiting these sorry ass teachers!

    • New User

      I don’t know if I’d trust your daughter completely on that – kids tend to embellish how badly the class does when they fail, but there are a lot of bad teachers who can’t be fired because they’re in unions. Teacher’s unions are probably the worst type of union there is because of their detrimental effect on children – the government should subsidize education more (raise salaries, especially for good performance) to make it a more attractive career choice, but get rid of teacher’s unions which make it impossible to fire bad teachers who are hurting kids’ futures. I know at my local high school, some teachers are on the payroll but do not teach any classes because the school recognizes that they can’t teach, but can’t get rid of them.

  • Dude

    Right on! There are good teachers and then there are those libtarded people that are just hiding from the real world. Her actions show just how lazy she must be.

    • barbcinque

      Libtarded…please this teacher was in the south not in the north. I am a teacher and Im sickened by this teachers behavior. Lets not use this as an excuse to spread more hate and ignorance.

    • Me Notyou

      Yeah better make this about how you are easily manipulated and taught to whine about people to the left of you, we wouldn’t know how small your dick was otherwise.

  • barbcinque

    I love this kid and Im appalled at this teachers behavior! She belittles him and tells him HE’S WASTING HER TIME???? Doing what??? What was she doing other than sitting her fat ass down and staring into the classroom??? I am a teacher and I, for the life of me, dont understand why these pp go into teaching..EXCEPT OF COURSE, as she told her students…its HER PAYCHECK… and thats all it is. Teachers like this are the reason teachers are under attack …what stupid woman. Truly. This kid brought tears to my eyes. This is America…where OUR KIDS have to lecture ADULTS ABOUT RESPONSIBLE BEHAVIOR and fight to be respected and cared for properly. JUST DISGUSTING.

  • David Silvestri

    Someone start a facebook page for this guy. He is awesome!

    • Pituxa

      I want too!

  • David Farrell

    Too bad he did not take criminal justice at DHS. Pretty good class. Defamation is not financially pleasant.

    • Dr. Jones

      I see David Farrell is running around the internet threatening to sue people. This twat has no legal leg to stand on and wants to shut down any criticism of this shitty failure of a teacher. Julie Phung has a giant schnizz too.

  • Anonymous

    This blogspam is bad and you should feel bad.

  • Brandan

    why is he throwing up gang signs in his picture and wearing red?

    • Nick Steele

      Actually its just the ok sighn smart ass and last time i checked you can wear read blue, hell any other color its a free country

  • Mrs.William

    Jeff Bliss is so cute!

  • saxmaniac100

    Cudos to the student. Teachers need be made accountable, and something like this brings to light how some teachers are shirking their responsibility. God bless this young man.

  • Facts

    That was really clever Jeff! Bate the Teacher while your friend films an obviously staged event, very inspirational and inspiring ~ NOT! You were banking on the FACT, that the PUBLIC is easily entertained with STONER LOGIC, nice call. LOOKS like you were right about that! But your rant going viral is a fluke at best! Hope it got the views you needed for your YouTube Chanel to start earning money so you can buy morn pot with moron money! Party on Dude!

    • David Farrell

      Defamation suit coming soon.

    • Dr. Jones

      You can’t prove defamation if the teacher is a shitty teacher David. This video will be exhibit A.

  • kado johnston
  • kado johnston
  • Chitty Bang Bang

    Ignorance is Bliss and seems to have a lot of support but not mine! This is no Kid 18 year old stoner in 10th grade.

  • David Farrell

    Defamation is illegal. Just a click away from being on the docket.

    • Dr. Jones

      Keep threatening people with lawsuits you dumbass. See if it works. I somehow don’t think so.

  • kk

    i want his facebook so bad!

  • TiredOfTheBull

    The kid is a self-admitted former high school dropout. I won’t speculate why he chose to go back to school, but somehow I don’t think it had much to do with his desire for success. I see so many things flawed with his rant that I’m not even going to begin to address them because it’s just an utter waste of time. Wait a few years, then check where he is in life. My guess is he won’t have made much progress…but oh it will be the teacher’s fault, right? Is that why he dropped out in the first place?

  • Mike Sylvester

    he’s gorgeous

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