Strong and Sexy: Boxer Mikaela Mayer

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She’s hot. She’s sexy. She’s single. And she can definitely kick your ass. She’s world champion boxer Mikaela Mayer.

Mikaela Mayer

Image credit: Frances Iacuzzi Photography

A former teen model, 22-year-old Los Angeles native Mikaela Mayer is now an Olympic style boxer who is ranked #1 in the world. She began her fighting career at 17 in Muay Thai, but she soon transitioned to boxing and almost immediately won two national titles.

She was the U.S. National Champion in 2012, Continental Games gold medalist in 2012, World Championships bronze medalist in 2012 and National Golden Glove Champion in 2011 and 2009.

Mikaela was the Olympic alternate in her weight class for the London 2012 Games and is training to win the gold medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

We had a chance to chat with boxer (and hottie)…

EveryJoe: You’ve been a model and a boxer. Would you rather be the world’s most famous supermodel or that world’s best boxer?

Mikaela Mayer: Easiest question of I’ve ever received! I would most definitely rather be the world best boxer AKA 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist!

EveryJoe: Since you’re so beautiful, are people surprised you say you’re a boxer? That’s such a vicious sport!

Mikaela Mayer: Thank you! I think the fact that I’m a very feminine/girly female and in such an aggressive sport definitely shocks some people. I also think it is an intriguing contrast that heightens people’s curiosity about me and the sport of Olympic boxing.

EveryJoe: Are you willing to guarantee a gold medal in the 2016 Olympic Games?

Mikaela Mayer: Although I believe with every ounce of my soul that I have what it takes to win gold, nothing can be guaranteed in this or any sport. This is not a sport where the first to cross the finish line wins. This sport is very non transparent and unexpected things happen every day. I can guarantee that I am going to give it everything I possibly have!!

EveryJoe: When dating, are men more intimidated by your beauty or your skills in the ring?

Mikaela Mayer: I think men are more intimidate by my strong, complex personality. I’m naturally a dominant human being so when dating I look for someone who is able to hold their own and in the end, just makes me happy.

EveryJoe: Do you have a celebrity crush? What type of man would make the perfect husband?

Mikaela Mayer: I’ve thought about this a lot and I really don’t have a celebrity crush. My idea of a perfect husband probably couldn’t be wrapped up in a few short sentence, but it would be a mixture of tall, strong, handsome, athletic (duh), wise, hilarious, ambitious, and most of all… passionate about something and driven.

EveryJoe: Back to boxing, do you ever worry about concussions or any other long-term damage you may suffer?

Mikaela Mayer: I never worry about things like that. However, I don’t and will not attempt anything remotely dangerous outside of boxing. If I am going to hurt myself it’s going to be in the gym working towards my goals — not cliff jumping onto rocks or even snowboarding down a hill.

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Mikaela Mayer - Hot Boxer

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Credit: Frances Iacuzzi Photography

You can find Mikaela Mayer on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @MikaelaMayer1.

Check out her ad for Dr. Pepper below and see her in the ring.

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