Bryce Reed Arrested for Bomb Making Material in West, Texas

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Wow, the story behind the West, Texas explosion at the fertilizer plant might have just gotten a whole lot more interesting. Or, maybe nothing change. We don’t know right now. But the arrest of Bryce Reed will surely create a lot more questions over the coming days. The West, Texas man — who works as a paramedic — has been arrested for having materials that could make a bomb.

Check out the 9 Bryce Reed pictures below to see this man. The bomb-making materials he had in his possession reportedly included chemicals, metal, fuses, wiring and pipes.

Police haven’t charged him with any crime connected with the West, Texas fertilizer plant tragedy — but that hasn’t stopped internet commentators from making the connection. Since he was one of the first people on the scene and has been talkative since the explosion, it’s being argued that it fits the M.O. of the type of person who do that sort of stuff.

Personally, I’m going to hold off my judgement. It’d take a monster to kill 14 people just so you could get some limelight. I’m going to chalk this up to a coincidence — for now, at least.

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